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The Empire Strikes Back is one of the greatest films of all time, with so many iconic scenes. From the opening battle on Hoth, Cloud City, Han frozen in carbonite and (my all time favourite) the conversation Darth Vader has with the bounty hunters on the bridge of his ship. In this classic scene, Darth Vader points right at the biggest bad ass in the Galaxy and says "No disintegrations".

My first love is creating movie posters, as you can see if you visit my Moviepilot gallery here! However, I wanted to break out of my comfort zone on this project and try an almost Pop Art style, focusing on color and logos (the Sith, Mandalorian and the Empire logo). Comprised of four stand alone panels - that on their own are cool enough - but when you put them side by side, create the full composition. That classic scene from The Empire Strikes Back where Darth Vader points at Boba Fett and says "No disintegrations," in reference to the capture of Han Solo.

For all the Star Wars fans, I know Darth and Boba are flip here in my composition, but I took some artistic license on that.

I really admire the master of all Star Wars art, Drew Struzan (illustrator of the movie posters) and I wanted to give a nod to him in these pieces. I love his contrasting color choices and the softness his work has in certain places. I wanted to bring in some warm tones into each piece and finish them off with a dreamlike quality. Each panel evokes a different mood in the viewer while as a stand alone piece and still working together in a group to create an entirely different feeling as a completed composition.

I had a blast making these and I hope you all enjoy them! Please feel free to share and re-post (just please give me credit). I make art for people to see and enjoy and without all of you sharing it that can never happen, so thank you for all of the kind words and for helping me show the world that lives in my head!

Please check out my other work in my MP gallery!

Sincerely, Ryan Crain


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