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Ah. [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027). I used to watch the series when i was ten, and I would get toys, action figures and make up dreams about me being a ninja. Well that stopped when I heard of life, girls, puberty, abs, anaconda, instagram, iPhone and all that stuff that our generation has fallen into. It's good that the creators rebooted the small series into one action-packed, effective movie. I've even forgot the names of the Turtles. Leonardo, Raphael, Mickey. Is that right. Nope Micah Angelo and Donatello.

The story line seemed to go the way it was supposed to. The Turtles being a lab experiment, the Shredder and also April. It thought it was decent movie. Had good jokes. I really liked the personality of Micah Angelo, he being the playful one, Raphael, the hardcore and power guy. Leonardo being the skillful one and Donatello the Techno guy.

I really think that the Mutant Turtles should come back again to deal with the Shredder. Maybe the Shredder has a new plan to take over New York and not trust some allies cause allies made the master ninja fighter go down and Shredder should train harder. He got beaten by a game the Turtles call Buck Buck. So embarrassing to the Shredder.

The creators should add another villain to the second movie. That is if there would be a second movie. They should make the villain tactical, like bombing in the city. Maybe a psychopathic mind.

I think the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, have a lot of things stored in their future.

Power to the Turtles, and [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2](movie:2181585)!


Should there be a second Ninja Turtle Movie


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