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CAUTION: Commence reading only if you are fully caught up on this TV series. Spoilers abound from here on out, so be wary.


No good deed goes unpunished, especially when it is carried out in such an idiotic and unintelligent manner.

Sasha learned that the hard way during the concluding moments of last Sunday's Walking Dead, titled "Crossed." And quite frankly, I was very disappointed with her for making such a rookie mistake, a mistake that someone as battle-tested and experienced as Sasha should absolutely not be making. I mean, why in the world would she give her back (literally speaking) to someone who is associated with the enemy? Doesn't she realize the very possibility that this person can now attack her from behind, despite the fact that both of his hands are tied with handcuffs behind his own back, and the fact that he only appears submissive? But, low and behold, that is exactly what happened to Sasha, who got knocked out cold onto the filthy floor of an abandoned factory somewhere in Atlanta.

Plans to exchange the hostage "officers" for Beth and Carol are hatched

The person in question is a police officer (or pseudo-police officer, rather) by the name of Bob Lawson, who works for (or worked for, if his story is really true) the head of Grady Memorial Hospital (GMH), officer Dawn Lerner. Earlier in the episode, he and two other fellow "officers" tried to get the jump on Rick and co., after the latter group decided on a plan to rescue Beth and Carol, who's life is hanging by a thread. Ultimately, Rick and co. prevailed, capturing all three and holding them as hostages, in the hopes of making a trade - the three "officers" return alive to GMH, so long as Lerner complies by releasing Beth and Carol alive.

Conflicting plans on how to rescue Beth and Carol lead Rick to going against his better judgement

Now, this idea of making deals with devils was Tyreese's plan, which was backed only by Daryl. Rick, who has officially become the leader again, had another plan in mind; one that was not only violent and destructive, but also guaranteed to succeed, according to the man himself - storm Grady Memorial with guns blazing and knives slashing, kill everyone that is not them, and then get Beth and Carol. Tyreese, who still thinks that he can fully hold on to his pre-zombie apocalypse humanity, objected to Rick's plan not only because of all the violence, but also because he does not believe it is guaranteed to work. Rick, trying so very hard to bring back the Ricktatorship, implores that his plan will work. Daryl liked Tyreese's idea better, which could potentially result in fewer deaths and less compounding problems. Rick reluctantly agreed to embark on the rescue mission their way.

Does it work out? Sort of. Again, Rick and co. had hostages to use, but one got away, thanks to Sasha's careless mistake. And, something tells me that Lerner will not want to make that trade, as she will most likely opt for an all-out battle, the Battle at Grady Memorial.

Beth stays smart

Moreover, Lerner thinks she has now gained Beth's confidence. At one point in "Crossed," Beth asks Lerner why she decided to help her keep Carol alive, after initially ordering one of her officers (credited as officer O'Donnell) to take Carol off of her life support machine. Lerner's response: "I thought you were weak. You've proved me wrong."

One thing Beth has proven is that she is smart, so I am hopeful she does not think that Lerner is doing that "out of the goodness in her heart," as Dr. Edwards says to Beth. Lerner clearly has an agenda in mind, one that might include making an ally out of Beth, in case some of Lerner's discontent subordinates decide to carry out a coup d'état.


Before we get to what might be in store for next Sunday's episode ("Coda"), here are a few other important things we learned from "Crossed":

  • Abraham is still reeling from Eugene's devastating, but unsurprising, confession - he knows nothing about any cure, as he is not really a scientist, but merely a very good liar. This means that Abraham's mission was a farce all along, and that harsh reality has left him both vulnerable and very dangerous. Rosita almost found out just how dangerous, but did not have to, thanks to a very convincing, gun-wielding Maggie.
  • Tara's new name for the group: GREATM - Glenn, Rosita, Eugene, Abraham, Tara and Maggie. She came up with it as she was labeling water bottles for each of them. Oh, and Tara is perhaps the only survivor who can even attempt to make good jokes nowadays. Everyone else's ability to instill, or merely understand, humor has practically dissipated. Maybe with a renowned purpose, or a new semblance of hope, humor may be restored. Maybe.
  • Noah and Daryl did indeed make it back to St. Sarah's, officially confirming that the mystery person Daryl was with back in "Strangers" was indeed Noah. The two of them, along with Rick, Sasha and Tyreese, are headed for GMH. Meanwhile, Carl, Michonne, baby Judith and Father Gabriel are holding the church. Speaking of Father Gabriel...
  • ... he has left the church. I repeat, Father Gabriel has left the church! How did he do it? By prying open a few floorboards with the machete Carl made him take. Surely, some fans of this show will get on Carl's case for that, but he holds no fault in Gabriel's decision to leave. One thing that is clear about him is that he is desperately trying to hold on to his religious beliefs, and being around people that butcher other people to death contradicts those beliefs. But, Father Gabriel may end up re-joining the group, once he realizes that the world is better lived with others, not alone.
  • Like I said before, Carol is in danger. Fortunately, and with "help" from Lerner, Beth managed to sneakily grab a bottle of epinephrine and give Carol a few dosages of that. Now, the waiting game begins. Will Carol live, or will her internal injuries be too much for her to handle? My guess is that Carol will wake up, and that if she does die, it will be on the battle field.


Onwards to "Coda"!

And now, it is on to the mid-season finale, "Coda." I cannot believe it is almost here! It seems like only yesterday that Rick and co. were fighting their way out of Terminus. Anyway, as always, here is the very brief synopsis for the aforementioned episode:

Rules and morals have been tossed aside by new enemies. Rick will try to find a peaceful agreement, but they might prefer violence.

Sounds like Lerner and co. do not like deals that involve trading, which means the Battle at Grady Memorial is upon us. Who will emerge victorious? Will both Carol and Beth be saved? And, which major character will be the first to go?


Here are two clips from "Coda":


Oh, yes! Battle will ensue, people. Like always, the enemies will underestimate just how powerful Rick and his group really are. The "Termites" underestimated them, and look what happened to them. As a result, Lerner might be the one in deep trouble, but then again, victory for Rick and co. is never assured, so expect a big fight.

Sneak Peek

Was that Bob's amputated leg? If it is, then is Father Gabriel just searching for any evidence that may prove just how barbaric Gareth and co. were? This will all definitely challenge him deeply, especially from a religious perspective. I just think that there is more to this guy than he is letting on. But, we will see the role he will play in the upcoming battle.


AMC's The Walking Dead returns this coming Sunday, November 30th. Don't freaking miss it!!!


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