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Today I've got something for you that made me stop and stare. I see a lot of art, both official and fan-made in my internet travels, and usually my attention is on the fan side. I love giving recognition to dedicated fan artists - but this official collection of art is just too great to ignore. And if you'll forgive my horrible title pun, I think you'll agree that this series of comic heroes is quite... Marvel-ous.

These glorious works of art are thanks to France-based artist Aleksi Briclot - and they're actually concept and official art, for the games Marvel: War of Heroes, and the series Annihilation: Conquest.

So if you recognize his lush, detailed and dynamic style, this would be why. That would also be why it's a rarity for me to feature. But even though it's a small venture outside my usual Moviepilot lane, I feel like the art speaks for itself and deserves featuring.

Briclot has a long history of providing beautiful art for our favorite fictional universes, including videogames and tabletop RPGs. From his bio:

He has made hundreds covers and interiors for role playing books, books, packagings, games and magazines. He painted covers of the Hellgate : London mini-series comic-books and Conan for Darkhorse, the covers of Annihilation: Conquest, The New Avengers, The Thanos Imperative, War of Kings and some The Incredible Hulk related illustrations for Marvel.

You can check out more of his art at his official Artstation website, and a limited gallery on DeviantART. Thank you so much for your artistic awesomeness, Aleksi Briclot - and as always, readers, if you can, please show the artist some love.

Now enjoy the rest of the amazing art!

Gotta end on a funny note, right?
Gotta end on a funny note, right?

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