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Nightwing: Logan Lerman

He has the acting credentials, the looks, and can be seriously intimidating if you watch Percy Jackson in his fight against Luke.

Kid Flash: Tyler James Williams

Tyler James Williams can be both serious and funny as the public has seen in Everybody Hates Chris and The Walking Dead. He would give this role the diversity that the New 52 has made and would be a fun addition to the team.

Raven: Chloe Grace Moretz

Sorry for the image proportions
Sorry for the image proportions

Her acting in Kick Ass is superb and proves that she can be an action hero. She also plays a dark brooding force in Carrie and would fit perfectly into the hood of the demented Raven.

Beast Boy: Dylan O'Brien

Dylan is most known for Stiles in Teen wolf and he's the shows comic relief. The Maze Runner he proves himself to step up to the ranks of hero and that's why he'd make a perfect Beast Boy.

Starfire: Ariana Grande

I know I know she may not be the most qualified actress but if you can't tell from her performance in Victorious and Sam and Cat as a dizzy redhead she's perfect for Starfire( the cartoon version of her not new 52).

Cyborg: Sinqua Walls

Sinqua Walls played Boyd in Teen Wolf, I stopped watching around season 3 so I don't know the whereabouts of him now but what I saw from his is fierceness. That's the exact type of Cyborg we need.

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