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  • What its about

Well its about the zambie apoccolispe (did I spell it right :)) and some main charectors of the show. Some charctors include Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Machone, Carol, Beth Greene, Maggie Greene, Hershal Greene, Lori Grimes and more! It opens up with Rick getting shot (he da sheriff) waking up from he's coma in the destroyed city of Alanta, Georgia where he's wife and kid had disappered from his home. He is soon "Welcomed" by a man named Morgan and his kid to explain what's happening. Later goes on he finds a group where he's wife (Lori) and he's son (Carl. He da best I think.)


Well in this world no one calls them zombie. All it is is walker or biter or something like that. You would image it be just like a tipical zombie. Dead, eats living flesh, killed by the brain, slow, but every is infected. No matter how you die, if the brain isn't destroyed then you come back as a zombie.

Comments and questions

I will love to answer questions and plz comment on what you think about the show.


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