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The second story that I wrote as a Moviepilot staffer highlighted an incredible event that you'd have to go back in time to attend - literally! Secret Cinema first announced it's incredible venture into Hill Vallery this summer, and since then, the production company has gone above and beyond to bring fans home to Marty McFly's neighborhood.

See, this event wasn't just a screening: it was a full-fledged remake of Hill Valley's iconic centerpiece, complete with secret coves and interactive plot points set throughout the lot.

Selling over 42,000 tickets, the event credited itself as the largest live cinema event ever staged, and if this video has anything to say about it, they were completely right in their own confidence.

Attendees found themselves completely immersed, treated as residents of Hilly Valley as they traveled from set to set and explored the town throughout the different corresponding decades of the film - and making the rest of us completely jealous while they were at it. Someone get a me a poodle skirt and a DeLorean, stat!

You can check out all of Secret Cinema's projects here - keep an ear out for stateside projects when they do them!


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