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Good day to you ladies and gents, time for some news from the world of television and the show I'll be talking about is Constantine. Now this show has only had been airing for a little while, but there is already talk of its future not being completely set in stone, and that troubles me. According to Deadline, [Constantine](movie:874314) has been had its production halted at 13 episodes, rather than having the standard 22. In addition to that the show may have a second season, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Exclusive producer Daniel Cerone had these tweets to post:

Well, this is troublesome. Constantine is a good show; I would go as far as to say it is a great show. I did a post on how much I liked the show and now the show's future is in jeopardy, and that sucks. First [Community](series:714858) then [Hannibal](series:721010) and now this show. This is terrible news. While it would be good to have a full 22 episode season so we could explore more stories and characters from the comics, at the same time, 13 episodes means that there would be a more concise and focused overall story. Now here are some of the reasons why this show hasn't been doing so well:

  • 1) It is on the wrong TV station: People have stated that if this show were on another TV station then it would potentially get treated better and get more exposure.
  • 2) The promotion and advertising given is pants: Unless you've been an avid fan of the source material, you probably wouldn't have been aware that this show had even begun. I've heard from a lot of people that they've caught this show a lot later after its initial airdate. I am one of them too, not watching until around Episode 3. Point is, there has been no proper marketing for this show, NBC haven't been pushing this show like [Grimm](series:720989) and they are not giving the show the attention that it deserves to grow.
  • 3) The show's too PC and needs be more hardcore: I've heard from some fans that this show is light on certain details that make John Constantine who he is, as well as some other things. Some people have argued that this show isn't meant to be mainstream and is more along the lines of cable TV and that this show would be better treated on HBO or AMC because there would be less limitations about what the filmmakers could show in terms of the violence and adult features.

So now, we at least have 13 episodes. However, the show doesn't have a definite confirmed second season and that troubles me; I don't want to get into this show only for it to never come back. That's happened too much in the last year, please God, not again with this show. I can only hope that the ratings improve and that the critical response saves this show from death, either that or the show gets picked up by another TV network. Either way, this show has to go on and it CAN NOT end after the first season. That just CAN'T happen. I like it too much for it to fail. So I will spread the word and if you're a fan you should too! Let's keep this show alive and make sure it lasts at least 2 or 3 more seasons.


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