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I love television. It's a great escape and for millions each week it's a way to spend time with some of your favorite people that you've never actually met. It's great to hang out with these characters and watch them go through the amazing adventures and crazy situations that they constantly find themselves in. In particular, I love comedies. Why? There is enough drama in every day life and when I watch TV I like to escape the drama. With that being said, I can't even tell you how sad I am when my favorite shows come to an end. Do you remember how you felt when Chandler, Monica, and their two new twins moved out of the apartment and they all went down for coffee one last time? (that's not a spoiler because it's been over 10 years since 'Friends' ended) Or how about when you finally learned who the woman in question finally was in ' [How I Met Your Mother](series:200728)'? Each time one of our favorite shows ends we are left wondering what is coming next to fill that hole in our hearts.

The other day I was browsing through Indiegogo and I believe I may have stumbled across the next great American sitcom. (For those who don't know, Indiegogo is a crowd-funding site similar to Kickstarter.)

What is this new found diamond you ask?

Soul Mates

The synopses for the show is as follows:

Soul Mates is the story of 5 antic friends that grow through life's adventures together. The protagonist, Todd, has found his Soul Mate early in life only to lose her to cancer one year after. He is then left with a daughter, Tehya. Todd and his 4 outlandish friends learn life's lessons together with the premiss: "Is there such a thing as more than one Soul Mate?"

This little jewel is the work of Secret Identity Pictures, a production company based in Colorado. Right now the show has filmed the pilot episode and has a distribution agreement to be on in more than 50 markets nation wide. That tells me that the show is probably pretty good, since it already has a distribution agreement in place.

Here's the fun part. You and I can be a part of making this happen. How? Since this is on Indiegogo you can donate to the project to make it happen.

You may be asking yourself: "Why would I want to do this?" Well, I have a few reasons.

The first: Perks. By donating to this, the producer has given choices for a bunch of different perks that you can choose by donating. Everything from having your name in the credits (which, let's be honest, is pretty cool) to being able to pre-order the entire season, to having a date with the main character.

The second: Make your dreams come true. For those of you aspiring actors or producers, you can choose the perk to be able to have a speaking role on the show, or be an Executive Producer. (both of these, mind you, have a bit of a higher amount needed to donate) but hey, if it's your dream, is it ever too expensive? Plus, they both guarantee IMDb credit.

The third: Helping to further the world of independent film and television, which often fosters a much more creative environment since there is not a huge corporation trying to strong arm the director and producers into doing what they want. Also, it's the chance to help make someone's dreams a reality. (Plus it gives me another good show to watch.)

You can check out all the details and donate to the project here.


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