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Many of us have favorite books or series. Tom Clancy's novels, The Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings, The Twilight Saga, etc. Personally I don't have a favorite series. The Hunger Games in general has to be the most entertaining, and enjoyable series yet. It has tremendous character growth and a story that is griping. The Hunger Games series builds up character and personality in the readers. It gives us hope that even through the worst there is happiness. The characters are interesting and make us feel for them. Peeta the poor baker boy that has cared for Katniss for many years and wishes that the "Star Crossed Lovers" gimmick was real. Katniss on the other hand, fights the system and provides for her family and friends. Katniss is the powerful character of this series, much like Harry Potter in the Harry Potter series and Frodo in The Lord of the Rings series. We tend to feel for these characters and believe to be in there shoes while reading the book.

The Hunger Games is part of the generation where the world has become darker and more corrupt giving the readers a connection to the books. It may not be the same circumstance, but it still gives the readers a connection into another world. After reading the series after they were published I had my own connection with the series. With the world becoming less and less like the world we all wish it could or would be, it diminishes the light that we have within ourselves. Katniss is the "hope" that rises from the filth and vulgarity and gives "us" the readers a sense of hope and happiness again. Like a phoenix being reborn from the ashes. We see the evil and darkness fall from the beacon of hope and goodness that the evil themselves had created from their own doing. Which gives you a warm feeling inside that lets you know that everything will be fine. The Hunger Games is our hope in life. We all suffer and have to face the darkness of real life. This series gives us that chance to take part in an adventure that lets us see our own light.

Our light is only made by witnessing a epic phenomenon like this series. The characters get to have an effect on us that will make us like them or hate them. We then continue to read for the character to see where they end up. Katniss, Prim, Peeta, Haymitch, and etc. We all have our favorites which make us enjoy the story even more. Haymitch will always have a special place in my heart, we find out what really happened to him and the after math of his "Games" he has the most painful history in my opinion. The characters make the novel, not the story base line where the main character's friend/family gets kidnapped and etc. Its where the characters connect with one and other in the novel giving us a sense of reality. Our own personality makes us have our own connection. Everyone is different in their own special way making the characters we enjoy the most and the symbol that character provides for the us.

The first part of the final film released only a few days ago, leaves us at a cliffhanger. It also leaves us wanting more. I myself asked if there was an intermission before they started the second part. I have known for months that there would be two parts, but I was so hooked I wanted more. that just proves the impact this series has on its viewers. If you don't believe me that this series leaves an impact on its readers ask yourselves this....I use Haymitch's line in Mockingjay Part 1 "Think of a moment where Katniss moved you." But instead think of a moment in the series itself that moved you. Was it when Katniss volunteers herself to protect her family? How about when Haymitch tells the truth about his past and the events of his "games"? What about when we find out that District 13 wasn't destroyed, but only reborn and ready to fight back against the Capitol? All moving moments in the series with many more to choose from. All you have to do is choose for yourself and think if the series is that big of an impact for you.

Everything leaves an impact on us. The movies will have an impact on the people who don't read and it will have an impact on the people who read the books and enjoy the films. This is what makes this series so great. The writing is great, the characters are great, and the series in general are a gem. Similar series have been released since that, "Divergent" is one of them where many people have a big impact on the readers. Nothing can top this legend. Legends remain untouched for an eternity, sure there will be others that try to be like it. But the thing about legends is they die after they have made there impact in history, and go down in history. The Hunger Games is coming to a close and it will live on in forever. Thank you Suzanne Collins for the gem you created, its left an effect on people you couldn't imagine.

With a series of this size, many of people will be writing about it. Many of you will just skim through them. I appreciate the time you took to read my post, it means a lot. And to the other Creators in this "contest" I leave you with a friendly jab...May the odds be ever in your favor.


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