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As an author and a screenwriter, I do spend quite a bit of time thinking about what would make a good movie. Sometimes it is an original work (which I do think of quite often) and then there is also the sequels that can come to mind quite often as well.

The Muppets are still going strong after thirty years, and Muppets Most Wanted to me has all the makings of another classic on their hands. But, after seeing the film, I figured why stop there? We are in the middle of a new century, with a lot of new and fresh open minds that would (I am sure) be more than willing to accpet these brave pioneers of puppetry and give them another shot. ( I mean, how many Bounty, Lipton Tea, Pizza Hut, and Target commercials can they actually be used for?)

So, I sat down the other night and began pitching my idea to the missus about a possible new Muppet movie idea. We talked for several days, her throwing her ideas at me and I at her, both of us building off of one another and so on. It wasn't until this evening that everything really started percolating that I began to realize that what I had in mind could possibly work!

So, I began collecting my thoughts and sat down at the computer tonight, digging over the ideas and I decided that while this is all conjecture at this point, why not just share it with everyone and see what they thought? The worst that they could say is 'it's whack!'.

'Muppets:Impossible' is an idea that I conceived over my love of both the Muppets as well as old spy movies. Now, while my wife is not as much a fan as I am, she actually thought that what I had planned sounded like a fantastic idea! So, without further ado, here is the synopsis of what I came up with:

' Shortly after the Muppets' whirlwind world tour, they return from the Siberian gulag and are now back home at the Muppet Theater, getting ready to go back to work on their next show. But, as Kermit is making his way to the theater to meet everyone, he is snatched off of the street by men in suits into an unmarked van and a bag is placed over his head.

He is then taken to a mysterious disclosed location, where he recruited by the M.I.A. (* Muppet Intelligence Agency). for a secret and dangerous mission. The world's supply of gags, which include rubber chickens, whoopee cushions, fake vomit, and so forth, have been mysteriously hijacked by an unknown criminal mastermind who calls himself 'Funnyfinger'. But, the mission gets more personal when the MIA has ruled out only one candidate that they see as the possible suspect: Fozzie Bear! The reason: no one in their right mind would find items such as these the least bit funny!

In order to clear Fozzie's name and get him off the suspect list, Kermit takes their offer and becomes Agent 003 and 1/2, with a 'license to hop'. Kermit then must scour the world , looking for clues and meeting with the most unsavory of characters. But, when he comes upon a break in the form of Piggy Galore, a seductive pig who wants nothing more than to get her hands on Kermit, Kermit must take her as an ally to find this unhumored menace . With his secret arsenal (which include snappy musical numbers and comedy, ) Kermit and Piggy must race to find out who Funnyfinger is and save the world from being completely humorless!'

I know that this may sound like a stretch, but when one is a writer, you can't help but play with the ideas that can come forth when the time calls for it.

As it is , I have also included what I call a 'fantasy cast list' that I think would really make this movie great:

1) Pierce Brosnan

Pierce has worked with the Muppets before (Muppets Tonight! when it was on ABC for a short time), and he is not one to scoff at parodying such things. To me, he was one of the best Bonds ever. He gave the character such pinache and savoir faire that the character needed. But, most of all, what I love about this man is his ability to adapt in any situation. Whiole he did do something like this in the short-lived show, I would love to see him take another stab at it in a full-length feature film.

2) Kevin Costner

Kevin has never done anything for kids that I am aware of, but after his recent stint in the movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, I love the way that he presents himself in CIA- themed films. On top of that, he is just an exceptional actor. I actually picture him as the Deputy Director of the MIA.

3) Rowan Atkinson

Mr. Bean, Johnny English, and Scooby Doo, Rowan shows that he is a master of slapstick. The Muppets use quite a bit of this comedy style as well as the usual verbal pundits. With Rowan's comedy expertise, he could elevate this film in such a manner that this could be absoloutely riotous!

4) Tom Cruise

Tom is a major celebrity these days, admittedly, but he has already proven to me that he is not without a sense of humor. Most especially when it comes to kids. On a very old Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards one year, he allowed hismelf to be completely bathed in slime! Now, what big actor do you know that would do that willingly and get into it? On top of that, no one could portay Ethan Hunt near as well as he did! I would love to see him try this!

5) Jon Voight

Jon is usually a very no-nonsense actor, playing a multitude of serous roles over his career. But, like any father, he also has grandkids, and a ton of them! If anything, I would love to see him get approached just for that point so he has something that his grandkids can watch and say 'hey, that's my grandpa1' and be proud of it.

6) Teri Hatcher

I have personally always loved Teri as an actress, and the fact that she did Tomorrow Never Dies opposite Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Yeoh, I can actually see her as a possible other love interest for the frog in the same way that Piggy would. Talk about a catfight! She can play both good and bad girls, and to me she is still very lovely. With her also being a mom, I can see her really adding a great deal of talent and personality to this cast.

7) Simon Pegg

Every spy film has to have their techie guy, and Simon did extremely well in the Mission: Impossible series. Simon has also proven to be absolutely hilarious, and I can almost envision him doing a scene opposite Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant, Beaker, with side-splitting results!

This is about as far as I got with this, but I am sure that more will come out as the time passes.

So, what do you all think? I would love feedback on this.


Do you think that 'Muppets: Impossible' would make a great next Muppet Film?


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