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A few weeks back the Russo Brothers teased that there was an unseen hero cameo in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973). Immediately the fans became incredibly excited, speculating that this unseen hero could very well have been the Punisher who was driving the lorry that ploughed into Nick Fury's pursuers and granting him some much needed breathing space. This train of thought went onto suggest that perhaps Marvel were indeed considering another attempt at a Punisher movie. Having seen the Marvel Phase 3 line-up which takes us comfortably into 2020 we now know that this is definitely not the case. However he could be appearing in an antagonistic role in [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409). Punisher does make a short appearance there supporting Captain America in his own inimitable style. That appearance is token to say the least, it would though be a great way to formally introduce the character to the MCU.

What does this suggest for the future of this character? Well if I where a betting man,which I'm not by the way. I would be putting my money on a series of cameo's spread through-out the MCU including the television series. Punisher and Daredevil have a considerable history and tend to walk the same beat. So it would be great to see him pop up there on a regular basis, if only to discuss the finer points of ethic's and morality over a coffee and a doughnut. The Netflix series culminates in The Defenders TV movie. The Punisher has been on the Defenders active roll call on several occasions so this is not a far fetched idea. One of the other things I have noted is that The Defenders are generally called to action by none other than [Doctor Strange](movie:559685), though usually in his astral form as he prefers not too sully his hands by getting directly involved with the common folk.

So the only remaining question is who should play the eponymous anti-hero. Off the top of my head I would have to say Gerard Butler, if you don't believe me check out Law Abiding Citizen. That is in effect a rather brilliant Punisher movie. They just forgot to call it The Punisher.

I have seen some fan pic's of Stallone in this role and as much as I love the actor I have to say no thanks. Why? Simple, Judge Dredd. No offence Mr Stallone.

My other suggestion would be Matt LeBlanc. Okay you can stop laughing now. The man has great comic timing. I can still hear you giggling at the back. Just trust me on this, Joey Tribianni would make a great Punisher.

The fan favourite at this point would most probably be Tom Hardy or Jason Statham. Tom Hardy is a serious actor and would only really consider it if Marvel were intending to invest a ton of money, which considering The Punishers Celluloid history is highly doubtful. Statham is still pretty bankable though in my opinion he needs to take a break from playing the hard man. Perhaps a Rom Com with Sandra Bullock or Amy Adams or even a period drama.

Regardless it's going to be a long time before The Punisher gets his own movie.


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