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Yep, you read that correctly. A number of fans out there are requesting (some are actually demanding) to have Walt Disney feature in Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3. This request naturally stems from their love of his work, and a desire to interact with him in a virtual world (I'm sure Walt himself would have loved the idea).

I was curious to know what fans actually thought of this, and whether you'd feel this would be a right move for the developers of the game. To what capacity would he feature in the game? In easter egg form, or would he be a central character? I guess we'll find out on the game's release date, but would it be right to see him on our Xbox One and PS4 consoles?

Walt Disney in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts represents a world in which we can combine our love for the dominant Japanese and dominant Western forms of animation. In this world we are confronted with characters we've loved from a young age, but not their creators.

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We understand who Walt Disney is, but his physical presence is unnecessary due to the fact that we are surrounded by his legacy: his wonderful characters. Therefore, it's my feeling, that his presence in the game would, not necessarily undermine his achievements, but it's kinda superfluous.

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a world where we can interact with the creations of talented visionaries, we don't see Tetsuya Nomura walking around the KH landscape, interfering with the plot. This man IS the plot, and Disney's contribution to the story is just as profound. Their accumulative shadows rest upon every moment of the game, what would their physical presence achieve?

Of course, I realise the desire is there to interact with this man, just as much as his characters, look at the success of Saving Mr. Banks! So many wanted to see the man that gifted the world of Disney represented on the big screen, and it appears that this desire exists for the gaming world too.

Plot Speculations

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

So, for the fans who want Walt Disney in the game, in what capacity would you like to see him? Are we talking a small and brief encounter, or a key character in the plot of Kingdom Hearts 3?

There are many who are saying he is actually in the game already, in character form. Remember Yen Sid (yep, that's Disney spelt backwards)? Though, I'm not about to agree and say that this is the representation of Walt himself in the animated world. I recall him being this abusive and scary force as a child in Fantasia. Not exactly how I think of Disney.

Yen Sid
Yen Sid

Walt's role in the game seems to resemble a kind of "God-like" man, in fan speculation. At one point in the game, the enemies will have the upper hand, and Sora will be greeted by this man in a suit (no, it's not G-Man!). Though he won't know the man's identity, we'll recognise Disney.

He will then offer advice for the young man on how to proceed with his journey, displaying a great deal of knowledge about the world and its characters. While an interesting idea, I'm not so sure I share some fan's enthusiasm.

What do you guys think, will we see Walt Disney on Kingdom Hearts 3's release date?


Would you like Disney to be in KH3?


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