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As the world waits in anticipation to see how Ben Affleck handles the cowl and cape next year, one man who will be forever tied to the Caped Crusader - Kevin Conroy - is set to unleash his familiar rasp once again in the upcoming next-gen video game Batman: Arkham Knight. The fourth entry in what has been one monstrous video game franchise (and a massive personal favourite) from Rocksteady Studios, will be arriving June 5, 2015 and this week we’ve got a fresh glimpse at just how gorgeous this game will look.

Rather than showing off some slick ‘not actual gameplay’ sequence, the latest footage is the first of four and displays nothing but. Slicing and dicing clips from one of the missions in the game, we see Batman enter Ace Chemicals to rescue some of its stranded staff members, and thwart Scarecrow’s plans of setting a bomb off to wipe out all of Gotham. Normally, this wouldn’t be a bother for the Bat, but with the addition of the mysterious Arkham Knight keeping tabs on our hero, things will are going to get tough. Will he handle it? Will he save the day? Of course, you know why?


Batman: Arkham Knight will be descending on gamers around the world next year, be sure to get your next good look at it when Part 2 of the Ace Chemical Infiltration arrives next Monday, December 1.


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