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For months since the end credits scene at the end of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, fans have speculated about who Fox would get to play the centerpiece of their all new Bryan Singer helmed XCU (X-Men Cinematic Universe). At long last it would seem the speculation can come to an end. Deadline Hollywood reported this morning that actor Oscar Isaac, best known for his Golden Globe Award winning performance in Inside Llewyn Davis has been cast as ole 'En Sabah Nur' himself.

They went on to describe the role:

In X-Men, he plays the most powerful mutant ever and the most menacing foe the X-Men have ever faced. Tracks back to ancient times. The main villain of the film. Considers himself a god. From the look of the comic character, Isaac’s going to have to do some benching.

Benching indeed, considering the number of actors some feel could have played the role better. MP's own, Taylor Standifird wrote a great piece you should read HERE for more on early speculation.


Do you think Isaac has what it takes to bring the X-Men to their knees?


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