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So what is really in store for the Fastest man Alive. Death, Exile.


Is the Flash ready for Responsibility

No one really knows. The Metahuman has a lot to face, such as the battle between the Arrow, Who is really the Reverse Flash and how he will face Gorilla Grodd.

Well the Fastest man can't run away from this now. He needs to stand up for this.

I personally think that the Flash has not received pain before. He dramatizes the death of his mother and other heroes have lost a lot.

Green Arrow lost his mother, father, company, money and the support of the Star City.

Same thing with Batman. The reason Flash can handle himself easily is because he has the speed and the power. I not hating on the flash but I'm just trying to elaborate on the fact he needs to understand his duty.

Barry Allen wanted to help people.

But the Flash wants to save people

But he's getting distracted by useless things like Iris's blog. He's just getting his identity open. Any villain can just take Iris as hostage then threaten her death thus revealing the Flash's identity. The Flash needs lessons from the


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