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FKA Twigs is more aware than anyone about the levels of Robsten obsession that still lurk in the dark bowels of the Twilight fandom, but baring the brunt of their fury is totally worth having Rob in her life.

In an interview with US Weekly magazine, Twigs (real name Tahliah Barnett) admitted that she found the racist remarks she encountered after being pictured with Rob upsetting, but that she has had to accept that she had no control over the venom of:

14-year-old kids that should be in bed


The critically acclaimed British singer then went on to explain that, while she doesn't mind being judged for her career, she finds "vacuous attention" over her relationship "disgusting," but Rob is totally worth all the negativity:

I really enjoy the fun of putting something out and people liking it or hating it or talking about it, but vacuous attention, it feels disgusting. It’s like a hangover. It’s weird, I know that’s not really because of me or what I’m doing, but nevertheless, the positivity that I get from (my relationship) makes the more challenging aspects … very worth it

So, if you ever wondered if Rob is a loving, supportive boyfriend, there's a definitive answer to incorporate into your fan fiction!


Would you be prepared to deal with torrents of online abuse to be with Rob?

(Source: Dlisted via USA Today)


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