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Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder are so close these days that they are often dragged into ridiculous online relationship rumors, but this delightful duo actually loathed each other when the first met.

In an interview with AOL (yep, they still exist!), Graham revealed that she and Ian used to fight like cat and dog when they were first thrown together for series one. Graham explained that:

Ian and I used to not like each other at all. We hated each other first season. Now he's my best friend in the cast. He's the person I can say in 30 years will be one of my closest friends
Kat is sure thi friendship is for the long haul
Kat is sure thi friendship is for the long haul

But, what was the reason for their personality clash? According to the 25-year-old actress who we know and love as Bonnie, it was simply a matter of maturity. She told interviewers that:

We wanted to kill each other, but I was a kid and we were both very strong people. I was still finding myself, and throughout the years, he's helped me find myself and is now one of my greatest inspirations

Amen to that, Kat!

I'm so glad that this pair managed to bury the hatchet after a turbulent start. Their affection for each other really shined through in the 1994 scenes of Season six, and I, for one, am still kind of crossing my fingers for Bamon!


Were you surprised to hear Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder used to dislike each other?

(Source: AOL)


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