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Now, if you weren't excited about The Hateful Eight already, then I might just have an image or two for you that'll change your mind.

Or, rather, Samuel L. Jackson, one of the movie's stars (and all around acting legend) does. Jackson has recently released a couple of behind the scenes images from the cast's rehearsal period for the movie onto Twitter - and, well, it's all looking pretty much as awesomely curmudgeonly as you might expect.

The only problem? Apart from Sam Jackson magnificently glaring face in the bottom corner, it's pretty hard to make out who everyone is. So, keep on going down from the image to check out just who's hiding in there...

So, going with the bottom of the two pictures (and starting from the bottom left), we're talking...

Samuel L. Jackson, with the hat and the awesome staring.

Bruce Dern, rocking the red cap.

Jennifer Jason Leigh, with the fetching scarf.

Quentin Tarantino, in the checked shirt, facing away from the camera.

Kurt Russell, looking seriously 'old west.'

Walton Goggins, looking all serious in blue (and a little afraid of...)

Michael Madsen, in a flattering waistcoat.

Tim Roth, looking super relaxed under a fur pelt.


Demián Bichir, in the awesome brown jacket.

All of whom look...pretty darned awesome, actually.

The only question now? What do you guys think?


Excited for The Hateful Eight?

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