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Though there wasn't a huge amount of carnage on this Sundays episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), episode 7 did yield one of the most memorable walker kills and weapon all mixed into one: the Daryl Dixon bowling ball walker head.

In the latest featurette released by AMC, the cast and crew show us just how that bowling ball walker head was made, as well as the amazing melted walkers we saw in the napalm bombed FEMA evacuation zone.

Surprisingly many of those melted walkers were actually real extras with some of the most amazing special effects make up I've seen, in the entirety of the show. While the amazing make up did a great job, it was paired with surprisingly low-tech techniques to get the desired look - digging a hole underneath the extra for their legs, so the walkers could look half emaciated. So simple, but so effective.

A melted walker gets into place
A melted walker gets into place

Daryl's bowling ball walker head was, fortunately, not a real extra but instead the effect was achieved through a combination of visual and special effects. While the basic head and spinal column was made from a zombie mannequin in makeup effects, special effects added in the eyes, blood, tearing skin and muscle to complete the look and turn it into one of the most awesome moments from Season 5.

Go on, take another look:

Check out the entire featurette about episode 7 below:


Was the walker head kill the best one yet?

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