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Already excited for the arrival of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies? Massively over-enthusiastic about the prospect of spending another few hours in the company of Bilbo, Thorin and co.? Totally looking forward to finally, FINALLY getting to see how the epic fantasy'll come to an end?

Well then, prepare to get even more excited - because Empire has released the variant cover for their upcoming January issue, and it's practically bubbling over with awesomeness. Specifically, the kind of awesomeness that can only come from a bad-ass new suit of overwhelmingly golden armor.

Which, of course, you can check out below... know what? That armor may be fundamentally impractical looking, and almost unbelievably golden, but it's also got an awesomely old-school tint to it - as though it's intended to act as a nod to not just Tolkien's work, but the whole canon of classic, epic high fantasy.

And you know what? That makes it pretty darned fantastic in my book...

What do you guys think, though?


Loving Thorin's new armor?

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