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As we all know by now, GTA V is a veritable sprawling candy-land of cool content and awesome fan-made things. Whether that be crews showing off their ridiculous urban parking skills...

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Or falling, with style...

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If you can conceive of it, then it can somehow happen in the world of GTA.

Like, have you ever wanted to explore the depths of GTA's Pacific Ocean, but have never had the patience nor the submarine to delve down into the misty blue? NOW YOU CAN!

The geniuses that make up 8-BIT BASTARD have created an underwater wildlife documentary that details the goings on beneath the digitized waves of GTA V. Some of the information is a little dubious, but don't let that deter you! Sir David Attenborough would be proud of this achievement, the documentary swims in his own brand of bedtime story-esque, calming influence. Check it out for yourself...

I feel so full of learnings! Wait - you haven't watched it yet? Ok then, let's do a...


A couple of choice shots comin' atcha!

Deep Sea Adventures

This is "Theodore," our guide to the secrets that lay beneath the waves. It's walls are apparently 6 and a 1/2 inches thick and it has a 7 inch thick acrylic sphere to protect its pilot from the crushing depths.

Heart of the Ocean
Heart of the Ocean

The Wildlife

A school of orca whales be straight milling...

Somewhere beneath the sea...
Somewhere beneath the sea...

A pod of dolphins frolicking...

Somewhere waiting for me...
Somewhere waiting for me...

And a male humpback whale joins in on the fun!

My lover stands on golden sands...
My lover stands on golden sands...

Fake Nature

In the mockumentary, you get to join the humpback as it embarks on its traditional migratory route to the humpback breeding ground found in the northern seas.

and watches the ships that go sailin'.
and watches the ships that go sailin'.

I really like this shot.

I go sailin'.
I go sailin'.

The world is literally your oyster in GTA V. What an amazing feat! But I need more. Show me more, avid readers! Share in the comments the coolest things you've seen on your travels around Los Santos and the interwebs. Let's get exploring.

(Source: 8-Bit Bastard via YouTube)


What's the coolest thing you've seen done in GTA V?


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