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CAUTION: Commence reading only if you have watched last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, titled "Crossed." If not, then I highly suggest you go and do that first!


This much is clear about Sasha - she is torn and devastated by the death of Bob Stookey, a man she loved very much. It is understandable, and if she were not out trying to help get Beth and Carol out of Grady Memorial Hospital (GMH), she might have more time to grieve. However, she cannot afford to do that now. She has to be able to somehow mentally compartmentalize in order to put the memory of Bob's death on the side. The problem is: she is not showing any signs of mental strength at all.

First, watch this much talked-about scene from "Crossed":

This was the final scene of the episode. It not only infuriated me, but it also made me question Sasha's willingness to stay alive. After a while, though, I found it difficult to stay angry, after considering all that she has been through. But, why in the world would she give her back to that guy? You could sense the attack coming minutes before it happened. This goes to show you that she is not in her right mind (if you will), and that may get her killed soon. I hope it does not happen, as I believe her character has potential to be a potent warrior. However, there are certain tragic losses some characters just do not come back from, and she might be one of those characters.

The officer (or pseudo-officer) in the video is named Bob Lawson, who works for the head of Grady Memorial, fellow officer Dawn Lerner. The fact that his first name is Bob might help explain Sasha's willingness to help him in the first place. That, and because she can empathize with what he said he was going through.

Lawson's tale went as follows: He knew a guy who got attacked by a group of hungry walkers, and he feels really guilty for it. Lawson tells Sasha that it should have been him out on that street rotting as only a reanimated corpse can. The guy Lawson knew is still out on the asphalt melting away in the grossest of fashions; however, Lawson has not been able to find it in himself to eliminate the reanimated remains of the man he once knew. So, Sasha offers to help him finish the "rotter" (as in the term GMH residents use for the undead) once and for all.

What's abundantly clear about all of this is that Sasha is feeling overwhelmingly guilty not only for being unable to defend Bob Stookey from Gareth and his band of sadistic cannibals, but also for not being the one who prevented Stookey from coming back as a walker. Consequently, she could relate to Lawson, and so she must have felt the need to help him, as a way of making her late-boyfriend proud, most likely.

Bob Stookey & Sasha in "Strangers"
Bob Stookey & Sasha in "Strangers"

When put into full and proper context, Sasha's maddening mistake may not be so maddening after all. It was certainly a mistake no one as battle-tested and experienced as her should be making, but it is a mistake that, given her horrible circumstance, can be forgiven. The problem is that Lawson has indeed escaped. Now, whether he escaped to get back to Lerner, or whether he escaped merely to rid himself of Rick, remains to be seen.

Furthermore, Lawson was the one who insisted that a trade of hostages would work. Initially, Rick had another plan in mind on how to rescue Beth and Carol - storm GMH with weapons in full force, kill everyone in sight that's not them, and then get Beth and Carol. But, Tyreese was in favor of a more subdued, less violent option - trade the three officers Rick and co. had captured for Beth and Carol. Rick implored to Tyreese that his plan would work, but Daryl voiced his support for Tyreese's idea. Ultimately, Rick reluctantly agreed to carry out the rescue mission their way. That plan of "do no harm unto others" may come back to haunt them later, as it has in the past.

On the other hand, now that Lawson is on the run, it makes me wonder whether Lerner will really want to negotiate. She is so tough-minded that it is unlikely she will settle for a peaceful confrontation. And judging by the promo for next Sunday's episode ("Coda"), the Battle at Grady Memorial is imminent. We shall see whether Lawson plays a factor in it at all. My guess is he will; in fact, he will probably try to get to Lerner before Rick does, in order to alert her that danger is vast approaching.


Don't forget to tune in to AMC's The Walking Dead this coming Sunday, November 30th, for "Coda," its mid-season five finale. Can you believe it is already here?!?!?!?!


Do you think Sasha will be killed off in the mid-season finale?

Feel free to opine below on what you think will occur in "Coda." But, please refrain from adding book spoilers!


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