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You may have already heard that Ubisoft's recently released open world shooter, Far Cry 4, has a crazy alternate ending that lets you finish the whole game just 15 minutes after starting it! The developers clearly have a sense of humor and penchant for hidden secrets, because there's another alternate ending in the game just waiting to be discovered, and I'll show you exactly how to find it!

Alex hutchinson, creative director at Ubisoft Montreal, recently took to Twitter to tease Far Cry gamers about the secret:

'Make a snap decision' and a 'whole new mini-location?' Sounds intriguing - there's another super secret ending that opens up a brand new part of the game world! Players immediately began guessing as to what exactly Hutchinson was referring to...

So the key to discovering the secret is found 'right at the end' of the game.


What immediately springs to mind is the final confrontation with the main antagonist, Min. After fighting through his heavily-guarded fortress you're presented with the option to either shoot Min or let him talk. Shooting him will end the game, but If you let him talk he'll take you to your half-sister's grave where you're free to lay your mother's ashes to rest. As you leave the shrine Min takes off in his helicopter and escapes to safety.

BUT - if you have a handy rocket launcher equipped then you'll be given a brief chance to shoot down the fleeing chopper! That sounds a lot like the 'snap decision' at the end of the game that Hutchinson was talking about. But what about the secret mini-location?

Well, if you jump right back into the game after the credits roll you'll find a nice little surprise waiting for you inside Min's fortress! Head back to the compound's main entrance and blow open these doors:

Run up the hill on the other side and you'll come across the scrap metal remains of the helicopter you just blew to pieces, along with Min's lifeless body.

Looting him will net you an impressive 250,000 kyrati royals, as well as Min's personal golden pen! The pen even bears a secret inscription that I'll let players discover for themselves.

Is this crash site the mini-location Hutchinson was talking about, or are there yet more secrets to be discovered in Far Cry 4?

Look below for a full video showing how to find this ending:


Do you think this is it, or is there more hidden stuff to find?


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