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Arrow: No No Metahumans?

From Comic Book Resources:

What's fun about episode 8 for 'Arrow' is it proved to me, as a writer and a producer, hey, you know what? You can do metahumans on 'Arrow' without feeling like the show is changing its tone too much," Guggenheim told CBR this past weekend at a screening of the two episodes in Los Angeles, adding that viewers may see more metahumans on the series following the crossover. "It's something that we all sort of collectively realized -- hey, the show can handle that. So that's kind of cool. I might have to amend my earlier comment from the beginning of the year, just because this kind of works."

Short story short, Guggenheim said that the creative team would have metahumans on The Flash only, so any hope of Atom shrinking down on Arrow shrunk (no pun intended). Well, now it seems as if it is very likely.

The Atom

Careful for spoilers if you have not watched Season 3, Episode 7 of Arrow:




From Arrow 3x07
From Arrow 3x07
From Arrow 3x07
From Arrow 3x07

This moment was epic. The effects were stupendous. Dwarf star alloy, huh. So that stuff might power his suit and Ray Palmer will have no powers.

Of course, that would mean Ray Palmer is not specifically a metahuman. We could probably still call him that. Now how about Black Canary?

Black Canary

Katie Cassidy as Black Canary on The CW
Katie Cassidy as Black Canary on The CW

She has powers, her most popular being the Canary Cry. Sara's Canary used a gadget to have that effect, but will this Black Canary have actual powers? Maybe. Guggenheim's new comment hints at that. In the meantime, she is set to get a three-episode Black Canary Trilogy on Arrow.

Flash: Firestorm Revealed?

In an interview with Access Hollywood:

"Alive, and looking like all hell broke loose. I look ridiculous when you see me next. Most people probably won't even recognize me for a couple of seconds when my character returns -- but you'll know it's Firestorm shortly after."

I will leave you guys to decipher it! It is pretty straightforward.


Which metahuman/super-powered being are you most looking forward to seeing?

Sources: CBR and Access Hollywood


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