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A nod and a hat tip to SoulSurvivorsGaming for his Top 10 Songs We Want for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 idea that spawned my own wanted playlist. His is awesome, but... hey... mine is mine. We all got a mouth of our own (except Deadpool, and somebody sewed his shut?) and each mouth has its own taste buds.

Mouthing off?  Still?
Mouthing off? Still?

Here's Mine

I'm Alright! / Kenny Loggins

I'm Alright is an awesome piece of music that would fit as the relaxation period, jetting away, occurs after a particularly harrowing scene.

Boogie Nights / Heatwave

And... here we go! Play as the team (or Star Lord or whomever) is about to go into some excitement.

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing / Leo Sayer

Something actually went right? Well...

Dream Weaver / Gary Wright

Hey, Gamorra? Heyyyyy...

Saturday Night / Bay City Rollers

Time for an excursion! Let's do somp'n fun!

Take a Chance on Me / Abba

Could use just about any ABBA song... talk about NRG!

Physical / Olivia Neutron-Bomb

Space wars! BRING IT, B*****es!

Maneater / Hall & Oates

Nebula's theme song?

Jump / Pointer Sisters

Another fun one... time to get your groove on!

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go / Wham!

....heh.... You want energy? Where do you want it!?

We Built This City / Starship

Should have played right after Xandarr was saved... could play any time our heroes hold onto a home turf!

Philadelphia Freedom / Elton John

Or this...

Sweet Home Alabama / Lynyrd Skynyrd

Star-Lord ... comin' back to earth... love it!

Will It Go Round in Circles / Billy Preston

Star-Lord's theme song!

Black & White / Three Dog Night

While travelling and putting together the courage to engage the suped-up super bad guy with all the righteous indignation you can muster.

Joy to the World / Three Dog Night


Mama Told Me Not to Come / Three Dog Night

We just got our asses handed to us... but, we ain't backin' down!

Indian Reservation / Raiders

Theme song for a conquered world... while the heroes are strolling on its surface thinking why they would need to even bother...

Have You Ever Seen The Rain / CCR

Why're we doin' this? Oh, yeah...

Sausalito Summernight / Diesel

ONWARD!!! Where is that next Adventure!?! Close the movie with this one!

Pop Musik / M

We just kicked his butt!!! (Should'a got ours handed to us, but we didn't...)

Bang a Gong / T. Rex

When everything looks bleakest... but, we ain't down, yet... we ain't done... we ain't goin' no. where. but... right to where you are, bad dude...


I'd include Power of Love / Huey Lewis & The News, but some other movie kind of made it a big thing, already...


So, what's your favorite


And... ?


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