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The first trailer for JURASSIC WORLD starring Chris Pratt (Guardians Of The Galaxy), Bryce Dalls Howard (The Help) and directed by Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) has landed and its worth talking about!

So the trailer starts off with two sons being sent off on Holiday to JURASSIC WORLD, the park that John Hammond always wanted to open. Tourists and holiday goers are visiting dinosaur exhibits including an aquatic dinosaur in a sea world type location. When scientists at the park discover how to create a new dinosaur, the horror ensues.

Chris Pratt is an animal wrangler on the park and its his job to hunt down the newly created dinosaur before it destroys the entire park. He orders Bryce Dallas Howard to evacuate the island.

The iconic score begins to play and the madness begins. The island goes into full lock down with some tourists still stuck there.

At the very end of end of the trailer it looks like Pratt uses some Velociraptors to his advantage and goes on the hunt for the new dinosaur!

I give this trailer a B+, it's got me more excited for the film but hasn't blown my mind, it looks exactly how I expected it to. I have faith in Colin Trevorrow, he did an excellent job with "Safety Not Guaranteed" which I definitely recommend and Jurassic World features a very impressive cast! What do you guys think of the new trailer, comment below!


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