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I know, you read that title and are thinking, Whaaa? I'm with you. Back when I was a kid (a whole 2 years ago), film series based on novels ended where and when the books did. We were faced with the trauma of having to say goodbye to our page to screen companions. We left the theaters wiping our teary eyes with buttery hands from all of the popcorn.

But look at us today! The worlds of Harry Potter and Twilight are both coming back in the form of the [Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them](movie:1112558) trilogy and Twilight mini-movies. As it turns out, things don't have to end. We really can have it all! Or at least part of it all. Much to the delight of Hunger Games fans everywhere, according to Mockingjay director Francis Lawrence, the same might be true for the franchise.

In an interview with MTV News, Lawrence discussed the potential of expanding upon the universe:

Everybody is thinking about [expanding the franchise], and talking about it...I just think that one has to go into that world carefully. A huge part of what makes the stories great is that it was really built upon this idea of the consequence of war, and you have an amazing character like Katniss at the center of it. To just say, ‘Oh, we’re still in the Hunger Games world’ is really risky.

He has a great point, it is definitely a risk. But if done properly, it could be pretty interesting. Besides, I'm very much on Team JLaw so I could watch her do basically anything.

You need to make sure that you have something new to say... New characters need to be created that are just as compelling as Katniss. It’s a tricky thing, but I’m definitely open to talking about it, and I think everybody’s thinking about it. Everybody loves the world, and the ideas.

And let's be real for a second. These movies make hundreds of millions of dollars. Even if it doesn't get as big of a turn out, I think that people would still go see a Hunger Games spinoff. The world is so interesting, even beyond Katniss. We can't deny that would be pretty smart from certain $tandpoint$.

So what do you guys think? Is the Hunger Games story strong enough to carry a whole new set of characters?


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