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What a episode, filling the action, tension, confusion and something else that rhyme with confusion. This episode digs deeper into the Martha and Thomas Wayne case. This also proves that LoveCraft was the small fish in the sea.

The Action packed episode started with the appearance of Copperhead. I could tell from the way she was using her legs to choke out the Gardener and Gordon. Copperhead is actually a contract killer how works for someone unknown.

Alfred surprisingly subdues two of the trained killers as Bruce and Selina Kyle runs off into the City.

Selina seriously kisses Bruce at the end

Alfred and Bullock look for answers with Fish while Gordon confronts LoveCraft. So we know that Love Craft knows too much about the Martha and Thomas Wayne case and he is being targeted by the Organization.

It was obvious that Love Craft would get killed. But smartly the Organization made it seem it was suicide.

At the other side of Gotham Don Falcone is pissed at the fact that his money was stolen and destroyed to bits by the Fish. Yet he knows but doesn't when to strike. Falcone will finally find that Elisa is working for Fish, he will kill Elisa and then kill Fish.

Fish is walking on the thin line, and soon she is about to fall in lava. She keeps hiring thugs who have a grudge on Falcone. That type of Plan won't work on Falcone anymore.

Underground we find out Catwoman's hideout, the mystery of Poison Ivy and Clive. No one so far understands the story behind Catwoman.

It was cool when Bruce jumped across two buildings.

But the critical part of the episode was the aftermath of the murder of Love Craft. The Mayor showed his two colors when he said that James Gordon pushed Love Craft into shooting himself. We can tell that Mayor James is corrupt.

'Mayor James KISS MY ASS'.

That was the best line in the episode.

So Gordon is being shipped off to control lunatics in Arkham Asylum. This episode was a mid season break so Gotham will come back in January


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