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Videogames. Videogames are just awesome, aren't they? You know what's better than videogames? Videogames based on movies! Ok, not really. To be honest, tons of movie studios have tried to break in to the video game scene, creating games based on their film properties. A very few have been passable, but most of the time we're left with abominations like this:

Dear. God.
Dear. God.

But despite movie videogames having a pretty bad run, I think the good folks over at Lionsgate should give it a try with one of their most popular franchises! No not Godzilla.

I'm talking about the Hunger Games! A Hunger Games videogame would be so amazing! The books, the films and even the soundtracks are dominating the charts! So why not go for another demographic? But what would a Hunger Games videogame be like? Well there are a lot of ways they could go. Like:

A regular old adaption

Most videogame adaptions of movies are just the movies themselves, but playable. A game like this would have you take the role of Katniss, and maybe even Peeta if a friend wants to join in, as they try to survive the Hunger Games. The game would start with you in District 12, doing some side-quests as you prepare for the ballot. Then you'll get the feels as you witness Katniss volunteer in place of her little sister again. Then after that, you'll just be in the arena. The challenging aspect of this game would be having to fend for yourself, gathering food and supplies and watching your back 24/7 (game time) for any other tributes.

Catching Fire would bring the game's difficulty to a whole other level as not only would you have to fend for yourself like in the first game, but you'd also have to worry about deadly traps set in every zone of the arena. It would keep you on your toes and keep you from staying in one place for too long.

A Hunger Games RPG

I'm a huge RPG fan. The ability to make your own character completely from scratch and then send them off into a huge world full of stuff to do so you'll never get bored is loads of fun! So how fun would it be if we could do all that in the spacious world of Panem?

The game could be set right after Catching Fire. With Katniss having sparked the fire of the revolution, you play as a rebel (whom you can make look like absolutely whatever you like) fighting for the cause! You sneak in and out of Districts, trading with the people there for food, clothing, weapory and other items you can bring back to your District (which you can also pick. Wanna be in District 8? Go right ahead!).

You could even go around liberating Districts and gathering more rebel soldiers willing to fight for the cause!

Or maybe you can play as a Capitol soldier. Fending off rebel invasions and traveling to Districts to keep everything in check. You could go to every District, take out the rebels there and then take control of that territory, making it one of your bases!

You could even pick your weapon class. Want to be a bow and arrow specialist like Katniss? Sure! Want to carry around a machine gun? That's cool too! The possibilities would be endless!

You could even customize your character to be as stylish as Effie herself!

"May the Fabulous be ever in your Couture."
"May the Fabulous be ever in your Couture."

Second verse, sort of like the first

Ok so say Lionsgate goes with the second idea, but they don't want to make it that expansive. After all, the more expansive it is, the more expensive and time-consuming it gets. But there is a way they could still give us a Hunger Games RPG, while also saving time and money.

A Hunger Games RPG set in the arena! Think about it, wouldn't it be amazing to make your own character and participate in the Hunger Games? You would face off against other tributes as you try to survive in the arena!

Perhaps there could even be an online mode; where you, and other players from around the world create a character and battle to the death!

No matter what idea they go with, A Hunger Games videogame would be greatly appreciated! Please Lionsgate! For now, while I'm waiting, I'll just play some Tomb Raider.

So what do you think they should do?


What Idea Do You Think They Should Go With?


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