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Rick’s Group is heading back to Atlanta on a rescue mission, Abrahams’s group is regrouping, and Father Gabriel escapes! Another great episode of Walking Dead!!

Last episode left us with Noah and Darryl heading back to the church to inform Rick and company about Carol’s injury as well as her and Beth’s location at Grady Memorial Hospital. We knew that Rick and the group would be on their way back to mount a rescue. Based on last season with The Governor and this season with the Terminus group, we know that Rick will protect his people, even if they have to resort to savagery.

The episode begins with the group fortifying the church, barring windows as well as the entrance. As they prepare to head into Atlanta to rescue Beth and Carol, Rick tells Michonne that he doesn’t want Carl to come to Atlanta with them. He clearly doesn’t want his son to go on a possible suicide mission. Michonne tries to convince Rick to stay behind, but he tells her that he owes Carol too much to not try to save her himself. Michonne stays behind with him, Father Gabriel, and baby Judith.

Rick and Company in Atlanta

Once in Atlanta the group hides out in a building and begins to formulate a plan. Rick wants to take a very aggressive action. He wants Noah to fire a shot in the air to draw the police officers out. Once they come to investigate, Rick wants to charge forward, killing the cops until they come in to rescue his people as quickly and as quietly as possible. Tyreese doesn’t want unnecessary bloodshed. He proposes for them to lure the cops out, but to take them hostage and propose a “prisoner transfer” and swap the cops they take hostage for Beth and Carol. Rick lobbies Darryl for his plan, and for once Darryl does not follow Rick. The group proceeds with Tyreese’s plan.

Noah fires the shot in the air and the Atlanta police officers go after him. After they capture Noah, Rick and the group ambush them. However, there is more than one police car and soon enough Rick and the group are exchanging fire with the cops as their captives escape. As they give chase Sasha shoots the police car’s tires and they go after them on foot. As the group comes around the corner, they stumble across a group of highly disfigured Walkers. As the group gets separated chasing after the police officers Darryl is jumped by one of the officers. As they scuffle on the ground with Walker torsos reaching and biting for them, Darryl knocks out the officer in the most creative fashion: he grabs the Walkers eyes and used it like a bowling ball to then beat the officer with. Rick shows up and it just about to shoot the officer in the head, when Darryl calms him down and convinces him to take the third officer as a hostage as well.

Once they have the policemen secured as hostages, one of them tries to offer their assistance in killing their leader Dawn. It seems that they do not have any honor amongst themselves. One of the officers begins to offer his perspective on what Rick and the group should do. He says that Dawn’s leadership is ineffective and that she needs to go, and he can help rescue Beth and Carol as well as step in and take over the hospital group. He recognizes that Rick was a cop based on his mannerisms, and Noah vouches for him saying he was one of the “good ones.” Because this officer’s name is also Bob, Sasha lets her guard down thinking about her lost lover Bob. She begins to bond with him while guarding him. Officer Bob tells her that one of his friends is a Walker and he would really like it if she put him out of his misery. As she is about to do it, she is jumped by Officer Bob as he runs away after knocking her out.

Abraham and Company

Still reeling from the aftermath of Eugene’s confession Abraham is a sulking, emotionless shut in. He spends a great deal of time this episode knelling on the dirt road in despair. Eugene is still knocked out cold from Abraham’s beating. Rosita is attempting to get through to Abraham so he can snap out of it, but he is shutting himself down, smacking water offered out of Rosita’s hand. Maggie pulls a gun on him to defuse the situation.

Tara speaks with Glenn saying she’s not necessarily mad at Eugene because he used the only skill he had in this world: his lying. Eugene’s not well-skilled and cannot fend for himself, so he uses what he can. Out of drinking water, Glenn, Rosita, and Tara go looking for some more. After finding a muddy pond with no drinking water, Rosita uses a trick to purify the water taught to her by Eugene. While waiting for the water to go through their makeshift filtration system, they notice bubbles in the water and realize it must be fishes. After creating a makeshift fishing net, they go and catch the fish.

Finally Abraham snaps out of his sorrow. Just in time for him to pull himself together Eugene wakes up and then Maggie goes to tend to him.

Beth at the Hospital

Beth is still a hostage of the Grady Memorial community. Dawn is trying to hold it together but is frustrated with her officers for not being able to find Noah. As Beth listens in on them she hears the officer tell Dawn to let Carol die as they do not have the resources to treat her. Because Beth knows who this is: she is not having that. She yells at both Dawn and the officer: Dawn for not wanting to save anyone, and the officer who uses resources and power watching DVDs but doesn’t want power to be used to save Carol’s life. To save face in front of the other officer, Dawn tells him to pull the plug on Carol as she tells Beth that she (Beth) is responsible for Carol’s death.

Secretly Dawn gives Beth the key to the medicine cabinet to administer and save Carol’s life. When asked why, Dawn displays her respect for Beth, ad reveals that Beth is not the coward Dawn thought she was when she first came to the hospital. Beth secretly goes to the doctor to ask him what drugs should be given to Beth to help her get better, as Beth is planning to steal it.

Beth then coordinates with another nurse/orderly in the hospital. She bribes him with strawberries to make choking to distract the guards while she steals the medicine and administers it to Carol in hopes that she will get better.

Father Gabriel at the Church

Father Gabriel is still having a hard time dealing with the new world he is trusted into. Being a preacher, he is uncomfortable not only with the slaughter that happened in the church of the Terminus people, but also with the group “defiling” his church by using pieces of pews and crosses to fortify the outside of the church.

Carl is instructing him that he will need to choose a weapon to use against Walkers. The priest is not comfortable with weapons, but Carol reinforces to him that he will need to use it either way and it’s better that he start practicing how to use it. Michonne also attempts to reassure him that Rick and the group are not bad people, they just do what they have to do. It seems as though there will need to be some serious “hand holding” with the priest because he doesn’t seem to be cut out for this. He goes into another room to lie down because he feels sick to his stomach.

Meanwhile in that room, he has started to take the floorboards off in that room so that he can escape from them. Once Father Gabriel leaves the church through the crawlspace he steps onto a nail that goes through his feet injuring him. Hobbling around trying to escape, he stumbles onto a Walker that begins to attack him. As he fights it off, he finally gains the upper hand, but cannot bring himself to kill the walker once he sees a cross on the Walker’s necklace. He leaves the Walker and begins to escape the church into the woods.


This was a good episode! There was more action than last week’s including the shootout and Darryl’s gruesome “Walker bowling ball beat down” of the police officer. This episode was good because instead of focusing on one specific storyline (Rick in Atlanta, the church, Abraham, or Beth), the audience was treated to all three. It seemed as though the producers learned their lessons and kept all the key players involved so no one would be missed for more than a week.

Rick is slowly becoming unhinged! One more than one occasion this episode he was completely comfortable with killing someone when the situation didn’t call for it. They are definitely going into a darker persona for Rick character.

One pleasant surprise was Darryl not going along with everything Rick says. Darryl is the de facto #2 of the group, most of the time he has been following Rick as a loyal soldier. However, he is noticing (as is the audience, that rick is becoming more and more unhinged.

Although Tyrese is still the peacemaker, he seems now more eager to get involved in the unpleasantness that has to happen. This is probably a result of him having to kill Bob. Will we see a darker Tyreese soon?

Beth is becoming a much more developed character. In past seasons she operated as “Maggie’s Sister,” simply an easily forgettable character that the audience really doesn’t care if she lived or died. The past few episodes have made her a much more important character, so much that Rick and the group are about to go to war over her with police officers. She is now cunning, having planned and plotted to steam medicine to save Carol’s life, as well as her coordinating with Noah a few weeks ago to help him escape. She is becoming like Carl, a child of the apocalypse that has to grow up quickly to survive.

Rosita now has more dialogue! She slowly being removed from being a background character and the audience is discovering her backstory. And although she feels betrayed by Eugene, she still cares for him and doesn’t want to see him harmed.

Why did Sasha trust Officer bob?!!? Doesn't she know he’s Hydra?!?

Comics Vs TV Show:

As much of this hospital storyline was not in the comic book, there isn't much to compare.

Rick’s character development does appear to be going the same way it did in the comic book. The more Rick was on the road, the bigger his beard got, and the more unhinged he became. He is slowly turning into someone that could be just a vicious as The Governor. In the beginning of the comic book Rick had a rule “You Kill, You Die.” This was his mantra because he did not want this world to devolve into anarchy where people would kill and there was no punishment.

Throughout the comic book, his attitude changes and he changes his slogan to “You Kill, You Live.” Because in this world, one will have to eventually bloody themselves up to survive.

Later on in the comic book, Rosita end up with Eugene. It seems as though they are foreshadowing her eventual involvement with him with her displaying concern for Eugene as well as he remembering survival tips her taught her.

Until next week!

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