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Let's stop speculating about Batman vs Superman and that entire over-populated movie for about say... 5-and-a-half minutes. IN that time I want you to watch what may be the most-well done fan film ever.

Usually, when we think of a hero battle it's between two classic friends or foes, you know; Spidey vs. The Punisher, or Logan versus The Hulk. However, sometimes a genius stroke ignites a ball of lightning; and it melds two similar universes together; Aliens versus Predator, Superman versus Muhammad Ali, Marvel versus DC, Family Guy Meets The Simpsons.

But what you are about to see will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. Never did I entertain the idea of the Batverse sharing the same ethereal space as Star Wars. Thank our lucky stars someone did, because the idea is life-changing.

Only The Bat would have the nerve to storm an Imperial stronghold, knowing he'll be detected by the most fearsome Jedi in the universe. And wait to hear who he's trying to free...

I'd love to give you a breakout, a play-by-play. But this is just so damn good, you don't need it. Mostly, because words just can't do it justice.

Go ahead, you have my permission to watch it over and over.

What I will tell you is: WE BETTER DAMN WELL GET A SEQUEL.

Brought to us by BatintheSun, It's part of their on-going series of short films called "Super-Power Beat Downs". In it they mash-up some great universes; Power Rangers and Street Fighter, Kick-Ass and Ninja Turtles, there's even a Captain America versus Master Chief!

Batman vs Vader is truly one of their best. Kevin Porter stars as Batman, and this guy nails it. Previously seen in the series as The Punisher, Porter pulls off a reasonable Kevin Conroy vocal-style, who all we love from Batman: The Animated Series. They've updated his suit to match what we imagine Bats would don in an attempt at a space-rescue. Mad props are bestowed upon the musical score; Musical and Sound Director Sean Shoenke has created a perfect melding of the majestic Williams' Star Wars crescendos and the mysterious, looming arpeggios of Danny Elfman's original movie and BTAS themes. Direction by Aaron Shoenke is not to be overlooked. It's obvious he's brought together an A-List of fan-boys and techs to create this dynamic vision.


What Other Batman Family/Star Wars Battle Would You Like To See?


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