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The Hunger Games is one of the best-selling franchises in history! The books and films have both exceeded expectations! With the second part of the final installment of the Hunger Games, Mockingjay coming out next year, I am mentally preparing myself for feeling the emotions that I haven't felt since Harry Potter ended.

But after reading an amazing article by Moviepilot's own Kristin Lai (which you can read here), I have newfound hope that the Hunger Games series could continue after Mockingjay—Part 2. But what could a potential spin-off of the Hunger Games series be about? The though of a spin-off of something as amazing as the Hunger Games would be enough to draw us in, but it has to be good enough to make us stay. Here are some potential ideas that could be developed in to a good HG spin-off (Got your notebooks out Lionsgate?).

A spin-off starring their children

This one's not likely to be a winning choice; what could they do with it after all? Another Hunger Games? Well that couldn't really work seeing as how (spoilers from here on) Katniss and D13 completely dissolved the Capitol and its laws. So that means the Hunger Games are no more. To do this they'd have to come up with a reason as to why the Hunger Games would suddenly be a thing again. They could have a new villain show up, declare leadership and reinstate the Hunger Games. Or perhaps they could have Katniss recreate the Hunger Games after going completely mad due to her PTSD (of which, let's be honest she has a ton of). Either way it would completely demean everything that Katniss and her friends have fought so strong for, which would lead to a bunch of angry fans (myself included).

Perhaps if they found a different adventure for their children to go on? To be honest I just REALLY want to see awesome mom J-Law.

Her children will just rock!
Her children will just rock!

The very first Hunger Games!

A prequel film of the Hunger Games showing the very first Games would be gold! Before Katniss, before her rebellious attack against the Capitol, there was still the Hunger Games. There had to have been people fighting before her right? People who thought the Hunger Games unjust and had the courage to stand up and fight.

Sure Panem was probably incredibly shaken up after the war and District 13's destruction, but there had to have still been rebels. A prequel film could go two ways.

It could either feature these rebels, willing to fight for the people who are too weak to fight for themselves. Their numbers would be few, but they would stay strong and fight to abolish the Hunger Games!...Only we'd know that they failed. But it'd still be an interesting film. Maybe it could even feature a younger, not-yet-president Snow. I hope not though, that guy's a—well, read my last article to find out how I feel about him.

The other way it could go is if they showed the events of the very firs Hunger Games. But I feel this would be repetitive, and as I mentioned in my last article—no one likes it when a new movie is made and it's essentially just the same movie parading around as something new.

A redemption story

The Capitol is home to hundreds of strange residents. Their daily tasks include shopping, cleaning, buying 250k pounds of make-up supplies and preparing for the day they get to sit down, enjoy some delicious food with the family and watch a bunch of teenagers kill each other in a gory murder festival!

But they don't know it's wrong, they grew up on this stuff in the same way that we grew up dressing up as characters and asking random strangers for candy during a holiday originally meant for warding off evil spirits and worshiping the dead!

Perhaps a good HG spin-off could feature a Capitol citizen who, after witnessing the horrific acts the Capitol has committed (like the destruction of 12 and the countless executions and bombings), decides to redeem himself and switch sides, fighting for District 13. He or she could act as a double agent and fight the Capitol from the inside! It'd be an epic film that could show the other side of the Hunger Games, the Captiol's point of view. You'd see what they think of the events of the Hunger Games series, how they feel about the "rebellious troublemaker" Katniss Everdeen and her murderous onslaught!

I would totally watch that!

An entirely different kind of film set in the Hunger Games Universe!

With the Harry Potter series returning to the screen in the form of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them I am ecstatic to see the return of my favorite book series on the big screen! Of course, Harry and his friends will not be going on any new adventures in this film. Instead, Fantastic Beasts will feature an entirely different film set in a time long before Harry Potter was even born!

It's not exactly what I was hoping for when I heard HP would be returning but I'm excited nonetheless. Perhaps Hunger Games and Lionsgate could take a page out of Harry's book and have an entirely different adventure set in the world of Suzanne Collin's best-selling novels!

Maybe there's some survivalist guide, documenting the many bizarre and wonderful creatures found in Panem and the HG arena. You know, trackerjackers, mockingjays, crazy strong rabid dogs genetically enhanced from the DNA of dead tributes etc.

Or maybe there could be a movie centering around the strange residents of the Captiol. I would seriously love to watch a movie starring Effie Trinket and Ceasar Flickerman as they go about their strange days, attending parties and working up the social ladder until Effie becomes the ballot picker for the Games and Ceaser becomes a stylish host for Capitol TV!

Style Level: MAX!!
Style Level: MAX!!

So those are just some ideas I would love to see them go with should Lionsgate and Suzanne Collin's decide to expand the Hunger Games franchise. Do you agree with them? Do you agree with idea of the franchise continuing after Mockingjay at all?


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