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In the latest line of character-inspired makeup by Disney, princess Anna and Queen Elsa take center stage. [Frozen](movie:411685) is everywhere this holiday, so it only makes sense for Disney to focus on their hit franchise when it comes to stocking stuffers for makeup lovers. As someone who was a huge fan of their previous Villainess line, I was particularly interested in checking out the new Frozen colors for holiday party looks.

Packaged in icy blues with stylish art, the makeup includes character colors reflective of Anna and Elsa's wardrobes. The line includes nail polish, eyeshadow, and lip color. The full lineup is as follows:

  • The Rollerball Eye Shadow set, designed with rollerball tip for effortless application,
  • A nail polish set with four colors: Spiraling Snow, Magnificent Power, Frozen Queen and Miss Royal Pants
  • The newly designed eye shadow palette featuring eight different shades ranging from warm earth tones to fun frosty hues
  • A mini-lipstick set with four colors: Regal Beauty, Radiant Heart, Queen To Be and Optimistic.

For now, there are no tutorials available for the looks, but a handful of creative YouTubers have created instructional videos for some beautiful Frozen-inspired looks that you can use for your next holiday party. Below, you'll find a few of my favorites!

Elsa Makeup Tutorial

If you want to go full-on Snow Queen this holiday, here's a gorgeous tutorial for Elsa's exact makeup!

Glam-Gore "Frostbite" Makeup

If you're looking to go dark and dramatic, this almost cinematic makeup tutorial shows an Elsa that's seemingly lost control of her powers. I love this, because it seems like a little show in itself!!

Elsa Goes to a Party

Looking to let it go and do something more "inspired"? This makeup would be great for a party, a show, or that one group photo that always gets taken after you gobble down your food.

Addison's Anna Tutorial

There weren't a whole bunch of creative looks for Anna lovers, but I did come across this A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E tutorial by little Addison! She's done a lot of makeup tutorials, and is actually super knowledgable for her age.


Okay, there are a bunch of really terrifying Olaf make-up tutorials out there - so before I get to those, here's one with poppy colors for a fun winter look.


Just because I rarely end an article without making things a little awkward, here's some nightmare fuel to keep you awake while you wait for Santa. Despite how absolutely terrifying this is to look at, her use of shadowing to make the look super cartoony is pretty creative! You should check out her tutorial for Scar, though, because its really cool.


Which look is your favorite?


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