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With all the legal fuss over “mutants” and the X-Men, Marvel and FOX have been bickering over the past few years over rights. The latest salvo being the double incarnations of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch; one set of the mutant twins showing in this years X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and the other in the upcoming AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (due to convoluted shared rights).

But it seems Marvel may have an ace in the hole. With their introduction of Pietro and Wanda as “miracles” and the apparent forthcoming reveal of human/Kree hybrids on AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel is definitely building toward something big. Add in the fact that one of the recently announced films will be the INHUMANS, and all signs point to super-powered humans, NuHumans or “homo miraculum.” [feel free to slip it into conversations]

The introduction of spontaneous super-humans in the human population could very easily double for the trials and tribulations that occur with mutant-kind. It's not too difficult to imagine Marvel co-opting themes from X-Men comics into their own MCU. What a better kiss off to their bitter rivals than to incorporate themes that resonate with all people and potentially pull then off better.

As for FOX's other property that Marvel assuredly covets, THE FANTASTIC FOUR, fandom waits to see just what the latest incarnation will look like. With the decidedly “controversial” casting, and supposedly leaked story lines (Doom as angry nerd blogger), the mood surrounding this film can best be described as unenthusiastic. Fans everywhere hope that this time is the right time.

But once again, Marvel may hold the cards to a winning hand. Yes, FOX may have the super-family name recognition, but Marvel controls a very similar property, all be it less famous. POWER PACK. This property has bounced around and been rumored for years, but with the success of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, taking less familiar comics and turning them into hit films has worked.

Just as INHUMANS can double as mutants, POWER PACK easily matches FF: a foursome, family bonds and sibling rivalry, unique super abilities, and cosmic implications. PP (admittedly not a good abbreviation) focuses on the Power children, who encounter an alien species who transfers its powers into the siblings (aged 5-12). Interestingly they had many adventures in the comics involving mutant conflict. [maybe a POWER PACK/INHUMANS cross over in the MCU?!]

So while Marvel may be missing out on mutant and fantastic films, they certainly have the ability to out maneuver and better the best FOX has to offer.

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