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Often, in superhero fare, fans have to wait for a sequel or a second season to feature two big bad villains in the same showing. [The Flash](series:1068303) decided to change that up tonight by bringing two antagonists front and center, and allowing them to cause havoc on two separate fronts. The interesting thing with “Power Outage” was that the writers didn’t let the title hero save the day in both places (even though his speed could have let him do so), choosing instead to let the not-so-helpless non-metahumans take care of their own problems. Perhaps the more interesting thing is that the biggest villain isn’t waiting in the wings, he’s hiding in plain sight and biding his time. And the most interesting thing is how The CW managed to take a series about a guy who runs really fast and quickly turn it into one of the most entertaining hours on television right now.


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