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Mark Robirds Jr.

Earlier today the trailer for Jurassic World of the coolest things I've ever seen in film. Chris Pratt's character named Owen riding a motorcycle commanding four velociraptors. God that is so cool and it does seem to be the part that stole the trailer for everyone.

Thinking about this scene made think and I actually came to the conclusion that this is makes logical sense for this movie and I'll tell you why.

In two of the movies, people have seen the chaos that can happen when dinosaurs break out. From the original Nublar incident to the San Diego incident with the T-Rex, the company knows how dangerous these animals can be.

Well say a single dinosaur breaks out via...let's say accidentally opened gate. Well it's loose in a giant jungle and so it would be nearly impossible for the park warden and his deputies to find the dino. What can you do? Well the park just so happens to have a species of hunter dinosaurs: the velociraptors. According to the franchise's rules at least, the velociraptors were natural pack hunters so basically, if you tame these four little guys then you basically get four bloodhounds for you to track down the escapee. Four extremely epic bloodhounds but still.

Logic seem sound enough or do I sound like an idiot? Let me know in the comments below!


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