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I love hearing about Harry Potter fan theories, but more than that, I like to discuss, evaluate and pick them apart. Whether they're right or wrong, they provide different angles to look at the beloved Potterverse, and insights into the perspectives of fans the world over.

On my agenda today is an investigation into the fan theory that Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are secretly siblings.

Arguments For the Harry-Hermione-Sibling Theory

The Potters hid the birth of their first child from the Death Eaters

Harry and Hermione visit their parents' grave?
Harry and Hermione visit their parents' grave?

During Voldemort's reign, perhaps the Potters, knowing they were at risk, placed their daughter, Hermione with Muggle parents after she was born September 19, 1979. They may have intended to do the same with Harry after his birthday, July 31, 1980 but were not quick enough.


Connected by Blood

The theory goes that Hermione also knows she's related to Harry, on some level. If she has Lily's blood, she would be magically bound to protect Harry, as his mother died for him. This would explain a lot about how Hermione is drawn to Harry from the beginning, despite him and Ron constantly getting her into trouble, teasing her and generally being dopey boys that an 11-year-old girl would quite reasonably have nothing to do with.

A deeply felt blood connection would also go towards explaining Hermione's unceasing dedication: even when Ron leaves, Hermione will never abandon Harry.


Hermione's family are shrouded in mystery

We learn almost nothing about the Grangers, except that they are dentists. We're given detailed descriptions of the family resemblances for Harry, Ron, Draco, Neville and other characters, but nothing for Hermione. The point could also be made that the surname 'Granger' means a farm bailiff who oversaw property for the true Lord of the manor: the Grangers could be said to be overseeing Hermione's development for her true parents by proxy.

This would also explain Hermione's ability to wipe the Grangers' memories and send them away to Australia near the end of the story: we know that the parent-child bond is ancient, powerful magic and it seems odd that even a clever witch like Hermione would be able to eradicate their memories of their only child...


Hermione never shows romantic interest in Harry

This is not to say that any girl who doesn't fancy The Boy Who Lived is related to him - hey, he's not THAT irresistible! - but Hermione is never the slightest bit embarrassed by allegations of her and Harry being romantically linked, even when scummy Rita Skeeter blasts their supposed relationship all over the school.


Arguments Against the Harry-Hermione-Sibling Theory

The Big J.K. Rowling Clue

In 2003, JKR gave an interview with Jeremy Paxman for the BBC. That night she dropped a massive hint about a vital, previously secret pairing that is 'kind of the heart of it all'.

Harry-Hermione-Sibling theorists felt this was a big clue they were vindicated when JKR said:

There is one thing that if anyone guessed I would be really annoyed as it is kind of the heart of it all. And it kind of explains everything and no-one's quite got there but a couple of people have skirted it. So you know, I would be pretty miffed after 13 or 14 years of writing the books if someone just came along and said I think this will happen in book seven.

In hindsight, I'm thinking this probably refers to Snape's love for Lily...


JKR's rebuttal of the Hermione-Ron relationship

JKR broke many hearts recently when she said that she thought that Hermione and Harry would have made a better romantic pairing than Hermione and Ron. It seems unlikely - not to mention super creepy - that she would have said this if Harry and Hermione were secretly related!


You've seen the evidence for both sides, and I'm guessing a lot of you will have something to add to the debate... sound off in the comments below!


The 'Harry and Hermione are Siblings' theory: genius or crazy?

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