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Are you an international evil genius on a tight budget? Because, if you are, have I just found the thing for you: a FREE death-ray!

That's right, for the grand price of NOTHING you can become the proud owner of your very own death-dispensing laser cannon. A listing recently emerged on Gumtree claiming the rather large death ray was 'free to a good home.'

But don't start issuing your demands to world leaders just yet, as the ad describes the death ray as 'currently not operational' and states it may require 'technical expertise' to get it into working order. Check out the pictures below:

"Operationally sound interdimensional portal pictured is not for sale."
"Operationally sound interdimensional portal pictured is not for sale."

Unfortunately, there are a couple of catches to this great offer. Firstly, the item is located in Australia, which means it's going to be pretty expensive to retrieve if you don't live in Kent Town, South Australia.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it's not actually a death-ray. Sorry to disappoint.

The item is actually a prop from a TV advertising campaign for the cell phone network provider, Intermode. Despite this, the seller added the following disclaimer:

Neither Simon Hackett, Base64 or Internode will be held responsible for any carnage, accidental eviscerations or paper cuts that may ensue.


What would you use a death ray for?

Source: Gumtree


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