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You may well remember Sonic and co. from the Genesis days, but you won't have remembered them quite like this! Some creative fans have put the sexy back in Sega's franchise, with these re-imagined versions of the super speedy animals from your childhood.

Beware: You may not ever look at the snarky blue hedgehog in quite the same way again!

Playboy Shadow Sonic

Shadow Sonic is rocking some epic chest hair that Tom Selleck would be jealous of.

[Source: SilverfanNumberONE]

Lip-Licking Sonic

I'm not entirely sure why Sonic is wearing clothes here, other than to seductively take them off again?

[Source: linno-linsk]

A Rather Flustered Sonic

Don't ask me what's happening in this picture. Though whatever it is, Sonic seems like he's pretty happy about it.

[Source: Mimy92Sonadow]

Female Sonic

Looks like the hedgehog has had a gender change in this fan-made fantasy.

Curvaceous Sonic

Okay, this female Sonic thing is kind of freaking me out now.

Tails 'Picking Up His Pen'

I spent a lot of time playing as Tails in Sonic 2 but I don't remember his behind ever looking like that.

[Source: DonMigs85]

Rouge the Bat

Rouge is clearly far away from the pastoral plains of the Green Hill Zone, busy cruising seedy bars for free drinks instead.

[Source: ArchiveN]

Sally Acorn

Miss Acorn bears a striking resemblance to the Cadbury caramel bunny (who I definitely did not have a crush on).

[Source: ccn]

Doctor Eggman

If you ever wondered what Sonic's nemesis looked like under his suit, here it is in all its glory. You're welcome.

[Source: quotegamer]


Which character do you think is the sexiest?


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