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It's always seemed a shame to me that people's vibrant personalities are all expected to occupy generic vessels when they are no longer with us, but now a Vermont company is encouraging us to diversify in a surprisingly light hearted way.

Thanks to 3D printing technology, you can now have a customised funeral urn that celebrates your favorite movie characters, while still remembering you as a unique individual, thanks to a pretty convincing replica of your face. Yes, really.

A demonstration of the 3D printing technology
A demonstration of the 3D printing technology

The figures are currently available with costume possibilities from Superman to Indiana Jones, with other nods to movie culture offered in the form of gun toting spies and muscular robots.

Although the finish of the figurines doesn't look as polished as most mourning loved ones would demand just yet, the rapid advances in 3D printing technology means seriously life like figures to represent you in the afterlife aren't far away.

But the question is, would any of you guys actually buy them?

They are so far from the normalized paraphernalia of death that I have to admit my knee jerk reaction is to say they look a little tacky, but I know at least one dearly departed friend who would love one of these if he had the choice in life.

What are your thoughts on the action figure funeral urns? Will they ever be accepted, or are the traditions of death and mourning too deeply embedded in our society?


Would you buy an action hero funeral urn for a loved one?

(Source: i09 via Cremation Solutions)


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