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JLD fans rejoice! The Justice League Dark script, penned by the talented Guillermo del Toro, has been finished and sent to Warner Bros.! We've been waiting so long for this moment and now it's finally here!

To be honest, while everyone else was getting excited about Batman v. Superman and the Justice League movie, I didn't pay much attention to it. Instead I was waiting for any news regarding the dark team-up of John Constantine, Deadman and Zatanna!

Constantine is my favourite member of the team. I like the show and I didn't find the Keanu Reeve's movie to be that bad, but neither can truly capture the comic character the way I think Guillermo can! del Toro even hinted that NBC's Constantine could crossover with the film!

Now all is left is for Warner Bros. to green-light the script and the film can start production! Hopefully Warner Bros. doesn't find any trouble with script, otherwise it's back to the drawing board. This would suck because if the movie isn't greenlit, it might have to move ahead with a new director. Guillermo del Toro is extremely busy with other projects. Like his series 'The Strain', which has finished its first season and been renewed for a second , as well as Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim 2 and the Pacific Rim animated spin-off series.

For him to even add on a Justice League Dark film to his busy schedule is a blessing itself. But it's still nice to know that this movie won't be stuck in "development hell" and that Guillermo del Toro is serious about getting this made.

I also hope that this film shares the same universes as the others, how awesome would a Batman and John Constantine team-up movie be?! It's also being said that Dark Universe, the JLD film, will be alongside a slate of films being based on Vertigo comics, an imprint of DC, including a Sandman film.

It would make sense for the JLD movie to be in a different universe however, it might even give it a chance to shine on its own a little more. JLD is unknown compared to its JLA counterpart. But as shown by Marvel's release of Guardians of the Galaxy, fans are more than welcome to something new, fresh and a little weird.

it will also give Guillermo a little breathing room. Dark Universe is most likely going to have a mixture of action, comedy and horror in the same way that Guillermo del Toro's other project Hellboy did. So by having JLD share a darker universe consisting of Sandman and others, Warner Brothers and Guillermo wouldn't have to worry about watering the characters and their elements down when they appear on screen with say, Superman.

The news of a Vertigo slate of comic book films doesn't completely rule out the possibility of the JLD members and JLA members sharing a universe however, but it might. Either way, I'm excited to hear what WB says about the script, and if it's greenlit, how Guillermo will treat it.

So what do you think of the JLD film?


What do you think of the JLD film?


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