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In 2018, 'Avengers: Infinity War Part 1' is going to hit theaters. And it's pretty much guaranteed to be good. Then, 'Infinity War Part 2' is going to come around in 2019, and it is similarly a sure-fire hit. But why does it need to be a part 1 and 2?

That's not to say that we don't need two films to convey the scope and stakes of this universe shattering story, at the end of the day, the scale of the Infinity Gauntlet could easily fill four three hour films without even feeling stretched (and may just, with '[Captain Marvel](movie:949779)' and '[The Inhumans](movie:910490)' coming out between part 1 and 2). But the overwhelming problem with every movie that has been split in two is how it saps tension.

Still, that teaser trailer was just incredible
Still, that teaser trailer was just incredible

To demonstrate my point, think back to when you first say Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. Realistically speaking,(and disregarding the book) was there ever any actually any chance that either Harry, Ron or Hermione were going to die? Or in the two Hobbit films so far? Of course none of the Dwarves died, there was always another movie to put them in. Every time that you know another film is coming in advance to finis off the story arc, you know that no significant twists are going to occur, because all that's happening in part 1 is just setting the pieces in place for the second entry.

Now, Infinity War could well have an Avenger or another important character die at the climax of Part 1 thanks to how many superheroes they'll have, but that doesn't solve my next problem: we know exactly where Infinity War is going.

Despite Infinity War Part 1 not arriving on screen for another four years I can pretty much guarantee you hat it ends with this:

except, without Spider-man sadly
except, without Spider-man sadly

Yeah, there's a 90% the final moments will end with Thanos standing over our battered heroes with his signature grin across his face as he marvels at how pathetic his foes were against the might of his gauntlet. The other 10% regards to an ending where he stands with the infinity gauntlet in his hand, populated with the gems for the first time and with the same smirk as above.

You may have noticed that earlier I said it makes sense to give the Infinity gauntlet story arc more than a single film. And yet here I am saying that it shouldn't be split into parts 1 and 2. So how does that add up you may ask. Well, I have an alternative that solves the problem,

What could have been done to shut me up, was to announce that Avengers 3 would, in fact, be subtitled "Infinity Gauntlet" as everyone sort of expected. Then, at the end of said film, close with the above image and then cut to black, fading in the title of Avengers 4: Infinity War coming the following year. Not only would this have blown our minds in the cinema if it had happened, it would have meant that, because we never knew it was coming, none of the problems I stated above would come into play.

Wrapping Up...

But what do you guys think? Are you against Infinity War being split into two films period? Do you like my idea? Or are you fine with how things turned out? (I mean, like I said, they're probably both gonna be awesome anyway) Either way, feel free to comment below, and until next time guys, enjoy your lives!!!


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