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Yesterday saw the release of the first promo image for the 2015 Sherlock Christmas Special.

Considering it broke with the modern setting of the Cumberbatch Sherlock series, I'm sure the BBC was expecting a lot of speculation about what could go down in this eagerly awaited next chapter. Unfortunately, much of the debate appeared to surround what had happened to Benedict Cumberbatch's shoulder.

The original image featured a pretty scruffy Photoshop job which seemed to prematurely end Sherlock's shoulder at a right angle. Take a look below:

Helpfully circled by the Radio Times.
Helpfully circled by the Radio Times.
Even more helpfully magnified.
Even more helpfully magnified.

Of course, it didn't take long for Twitter to jump onto this omission and devise a series of hilarious tweets. Such as:

Even Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss got involved when he tweeted a new, corrected, promo image:

With this corrected, we can now move on to speculating what the actual show could be about. Considering the promo's Victorian/Edwardian vibe, some fans even started to speculate they could be going back in time and/or crossing over with Doctor Who.

I suppose this is a possibility, if the BBC was planning some kind of weird non-canonical Christmas special, but I get the impression this isn't the case.

Considering the BBC also tweeted an image of the script cover, I think we can assume the 2015 special hasn't been filmed yet, therefore suggesting this isn't an image from the special. Most likely it is simply a fun little promo to reference the historical origins of the famous Arthur Conan Doyle character.


Do you think Sherlock is going back in time in the new 2015 Christmas special?

Source: HollywoodLife


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