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When it comes to epic feats of acting awesomeness, Patrick Stewart is something of an expert. He has, after all, stolen hearts and minds in countless films, plays and TV shows - from his theatrical beginnings, all the way through Star Trek: The Next Generation, to his now-iconic role as Professor X in the X-Men movies.

Now, though, he's taken on a more straightforwardly dramatic role - but one that, the newly released trailer for the film suggests, he seems to have made very much his own. His new movie, Match, sees Stewart play a legendary Juilliard dance teacher named Tobi Powell, who finds himself being drawn into a complex web of emotional drama.

As the synopsis puts it:

"When Tobi is interviewed by a graduate student, Lisa (Carla Gugino) about his days as a performer, he is forced to confront painful decisions he thought he had left in the past. With the fate of Lisa’s emotionally shattered husband Mike (Matthew Lillard) in the balance, the three characters struggle to find a truthful, common ground, uncertain if their brief but intensely intimate connection will result in disaster and regret - or healing and liberation."

And you know what that means?

We're talking...

Patrick Stewart Emoting!


Patrick Stewart Flirting!


Patrick Stewart being Interrogated!


Patrick Stewart Retorting!


And, of course...

Patrick Stewart Doing Ballet!


All of which seems to add up to an awesome performance - as you can see for yourself in the trailer, just below:

What do you guys think, though?


Like the looks of Match?

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