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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Lindsay Lohan has been taking a break from movies recently, what with her personal issues and her move towards the stage.

However, with her London play, 'Speed-the-Plow,' ending November 29th, we could be looking at Lindsay Lohan's return to the big screen sooner than we thought. A source close to Lindsay tells Radar Online:

Lindsay is doing better than she has in years! Lindsay is determined to be a movie star again.

Lindsay plans to return home to her family in New York for a bit and is then heading to L.A. because she has three big movies that she is getting ready to star in.
Lindsay has had personal problems in her past
Lindsay has had personal problems in her past

It's great to hear that Lindsay may be coming back to the star in cinemas before long - her 'three big movies' may refer to upcoming projects Soul Carriers, Life Travelers and Six Gun Dead.

The source continues that Lindsay's past party-gal ways will not be a barrier to her movie comeback and continued success:

She is still sober and we are all very supportive. We always will be.

Good for you, Lindsay Lohan. We look forward to having you back!


Are you looking forward to Lindsay Lohan's movie comeback?

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