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Now, when it comes to the original Star Wars trilogy, I'm as protective of it as the next borderline-obsessed fan - and by nature pretty wary of changes being made to it. I'll admit, I'm still not over the whole 'Han DIDN'T shoot first' thing, or the addition of Naboo to the end of Return of the Jedi.

When it comes right down to it, I like my Star Wars the way George Lucas originally intended - warts and original Yoda and all.

The thing is, though, that vision for the movie - and even the way it was initially filmed - was originally very different from the movie we eventually got to see.

And, as these deleted scenes collected in Garrett Gilchrist's (sadly unavailable online) documentary Star Wars: Deleted Magic show, that original version was seriously weird...

I mean...

Luke Had a Massive Teen Drama Subplot

Yup, that's right - back in the original cut of Star Wars, Luke's story began with him hanging around with his friends at Tosche Station on Tatooine, while they make fun of him and call him 'wormy.'

It's basically Lucas' breakthrough movie American Graffiti, but on Tatooine.

It's also very much preoccupied with setting Luke up as a young, impetuous but gifted pilot - which the final draft did in just a few lines of throwaway dialogue - but it did include one key element: Biggs Darklighter.

Specifically, Luke's old friend from Tatooine, who ends up being killed in the assault on the Death Star. Originally, though, as this scene shows, Biggs, played by Garrick Hagon, was set to have a much larger role.

Which, while it would have explained why Luke was so excited to see him, you can kind of see why the scene got cut...

And not just because of the hat...

Darth Vader Liked to Walk and Talk

Decades before The West Wing made it famous, Darth Vader was originally set to walk and talk all over the place, it seems - discussing slightly irrelevant political nuances as he did so.

In the end, though, the scene was cut - and not because Vader's original (placeholder) voice is absolutely hilarious.

Though, it does explain why James Earl Jones had to speak so quickly for parts of the movie...

The Cantina Scene was Almost Way More Western

And, as the video below shows, far less exotic. The cantina was originally a far more sparsely decorated sort of bar, with a much more Western feel. Lucas, though, seemed to realize that it needed a more space opera aesthetic, and shot a whole bunch of extra scenes with more excitingly alien extras.

Also, this happened...

Yup, Han Solo was totally making out with someone...

What would Leia think?

Some of the Graphics Were...Not So Great

And by not so great, I mean 'looked like they were from a movie from the '50s.'

Lucas dropped this scene of Luke and Threepio searching for Artoo after realizing that the rear-projection screen it was filmed against just couldn't match the rest of the movie's effects.

Otherwise known as 'because it looked awful.'

And, of course...

Jabba the Hutt Was Almost VERY Different

As in, he was a chubby Northern Irish dude, kind of different.

Now, admittedly, Lucas had originally planned for Jabba to appear in slug-like form (as he eventually does in the special edition) in A New Hope.

But, with there not being enough money in the budget to realize Jabba in slug-form, the villain almost made his way to the screen as stand-in Declan Mulholland.

Which...would have been a pretty different take on the Hutt - and ultimately have made Return of the Jedi kind of weird...

He was still way better than the CGI version, though...

What do you guys think, though?


Was Lucas right to cut out these scenes?

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