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It won't come as a surprise to anyone to know that Godzilla contained a lot of visual effects work. Indeed, almost all of the movies' external scenes probably contained some kind of CGI effect. To remind us of this fact (and that it's nearly Christmas and they have a DVD to sell), Warner and Legendary has just released a behind the scenes VFX breakdown of several Godzilla scenes.

The work was conducted by MPC, the same studio who did World War Z and Prometheus' special effects work. Check out the video below:

I get the impression Godzilla was quite a divisive movie among audiences. Some say it as a fitting tribute to the original 1954 classic, while others claimed there just wasn't enough Godzilla in an actual movie called Godzilla.

Although it was by no means perfect (it's a blockbuster action movie after all), I place my hat firmly in the former camp. Despite what you feel about the film overall, you have to admit this VFX video does show that director Gareth Edwards knows to create visually compelling scenes which really showed the scale of the beasties.


Gareth Edwards' Godzilla was...

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