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Ian Somerhalder is almost as famous for his tireless charity work as he is his smoldering face, and the altruistic actor is once again pulling off a selfless good deed for dogs, and people, in need.

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) star cancelled a flight to his home state of Louisiana so that he could make the lengthly drive via the tiny town of Moreaubille to address the mayor about his controversial new policy involving banning pit bull and rottweiler breeds.

Along with reaching out to rescue dogs who could face euthanasia for no crime apart from being born a certain breed, Ian also wanted to help a severely disabled young girl named O'Hara Owen who relies on her pit bull dog Zeus for comfort.

O'Hara and her support, Zeus
O'Hara and her support, Zeus

Along with specifying his noble intentions in a lengthly Instagram post, Ian Somerhalder also explicitly invited fans to join him in the small town.

Can you think of a better reason for a road trip?! Who's in?!


Do you think dogs should be banned because of their breed?

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