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What if I told you that a game from 1989, which is based on a movie from 2003, is being released on a console that came out in 1983? No, this isn't the plot for Back to the Future 4 - it's a brand new Freddy vs. Jason game for the NES!

The clever folks over at Flashback Games have managed to hack the original Friday the 13th game from the '80s, so that instead of playing as a petrified camp counsellor, you take control of Freddy Krueger.

You can even shoot out your claws into the faces of enemies, which is something I definitely don't remember from the films. Freddy vs. Jason the movie, directed by Ronny Yu, was released back in 2003, but I bet the film-makers didn't expect a video game adaptation to be so retro!

It's great to see fans of the series using their initiative (and impressive technological skills) to find new ways of exploring this epic cinematic rivalry. Now all you horror fans out there can pit these two behemoths against each other in an 8-bit battle to the death!

As you can see, the game even comes on an original NES cartridge and is available for just $40. I would pick it up myself, if I still had a working NES console!

Check out footage of the game below:


Will you face off against Jason in 8-bit fashion?

[Source: Bloody Disgusting]


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